TS Transport: Telangana Vehicle Registration Process

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The Telangana Transport Department ensures the proper implementation of the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, and the Telangana Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 1963. Their objective is to provide safe and cost-effective economic transport services so that goods and passengers can move on the road seamlessly. 

The TS transport department plays an integral role in the registration of vehicles, issuance of permits and licences, collection of taxes and more. Read on to learn the details of the vehicle registration procedure. 

Telangana Vehicle Registration Process

Temporary Registration Process

For the temporary registration of your vehicle in Telangana, you must first submit an application for the temporary TS registration of your vehicle in Form 20 as mentioned in the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989. Then, mark the form as ‘Temporary’ and submit it to the dealer or the Registering Authority (RA) identified by the Transport Commissioner. Unless it is a transport vehicle, you have to fill in the details in particular 23 to 32

Extension of Temporary Registration Process

Once the validity of the Telangana vehicle registration is over, you can apply for the extension of the temporary vehicle registration period by drafting an application to the Registering Authority. Do not forget to mention the period for which you want to extend the validity.

Documents that you have to submit to extend the validity

  • A copy of the sales certificate or Form 21.
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate
  • Address proof (electricity bill, ration card, etc.)
  • Copy of valid insurance certificate
  • Photocopy of roadworthiness certificate in Form 22 (from the vehicle manufacturer)
  • Copy of design approval copy of State Transport Authority or STA (trailer or semi-trailer)
  • Copy of original sale certificate (in the case of Ex-army vehicle) from concerned authorities 
  • Payable fees (unless exempted)
  • Photocopy of customs clearance certificate (for imported vehicles)

Additionally, one has to make tax payments according to the Andhra Pradesh Motor Vehicles Taxation (APMVT) Act, 1963.

Permanent Registration of Vehicle

You have to make an application for the permanent TS vehicle registration in Form 20 and submit it to the Registering Authority. You must apply for permanent registration within seven days from the day the vehicle is delivered by the manufacturer or dealer.

Documents to submit for a seamless application process if you intend to permanently register a vehicle in Telangana.

  • Photocopy of sales certificate – Form 21
  • Proof of address (electricity bill, Aadhaar card, or any utility bill)
  • For trailer or semi-trailer design approval copy of the STA
  • Roadworthiness certificate (Form 22) from manufacturers (Form 22A issued by the bodybuilder)
  • An original sales certificate copy (for an ex-army vehicle) 
  • Customs clearance certificate (for imported vehicles)
  • Payable fees (as mentioned in Rule 81 of CMV Rules) and tax (as per APMVT Act)

Process Involved in the Issuance of Duplicate Certificate of Registration

In case your vehicle registration certificate is misplaced, lost, or stolen, you can apply for a duplicate registration certificate. The application has to be made in Form 26. In case the vehicle is held under an agreement of /lease/hire purchase/hypothecation, the application form must be submitted by the financier.

After that, you have to initiate the payment of the fee as mentioned in Rule 81 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989. The payment must be made to the Registering Authority, in whose jurisdiction your vehicle is being registered.

Documents to submit while making an application for a duplicate certificate of registration:

  • Pollution under control certificate
  • Insurance certificate
  • Police certificate
  • Photocopy of the registration certificate (if available)

If you intend to change the residential address that is mentioned in the vehicle registration certificate, you have to write an application stating the same and submit it to TS RTO in Form 33. Make sure to carry the new address proof with you.

Renewal of the Certificate of Registration

You must make the application for the renewal of the certificate of vehicle registration in Form 25. Initiate payment to the Registering Authority as mentioned in Rule 81 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR), 1989. Carry the registration certificate or RC book, pollution under control certificate, etc., along with you.

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How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership?

  • Go to the https://transport.telangana.gov.in/ and enter the TS vehicle registration number details.
  • Click on ‘Proceed’ and choose the ‘Basic Services’ option.
  • Provide the five digits of the vehicle chassis number and select ‘Validate Regn_no/ Chasi_no’. 
  • Generate OTP and submit the same. Then choose the ‘Transfer of Ownership’ option and mention the ‘Service Details’. Also, update the insurance details.
  • Check the fees panel and initiate the payment. 
  • Submit the documents and make an appointment, if possible. After generating the receipt, take it to the TS RTO and transfer the vehicle ownership. 

It is important to note that the vehicle’s TS number plate might get changed depending on the transfer location.

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How to Check the Status of the Vehicle Registration?

You can check the Telangana RC status by the application number and vehicle number. Mentioned below are the steps to check the TS transport registration number status: 

  • Go to the Parivahan portal, navigate to ‘Online Services’, and click on vehicle-related services. 
  • Mention the state name, i.e., ‘Telangana’. On the redirected page, choose the RTO and state, and click on ‘Continue’. 
  • From the number of options that are displayed, select the ‘Know your application status’ tab. 
  • Enter your application number and click on ‘Submit’ to see the RC status. 

Here are the steps to check Telangana RC status and all other TS registration details by vehicle number:

  • Go to the Parivahan portal and go to the ‘Online Services’ section, then head to the ‘Know Your Vehicle Details’ page. 
  • Enter the CAPTCHA code and click on the Telangana vehicle registration search button after mentioning the vehicle number. 

You will come across registration certificate details like the RC status, TS registration number, Chassis number, fuel type, engine number, etc.


The TS transport department holds the responsibility to provide the latest details about road safety and TS road transportation to the vehicle owners. Once individuals know the necessary information concerning the vehicle registration process in the state, they must take the necessary steps to get their new car or two-wheeler registered without any hassle. 

Is it mandatory to register two-wheelers in Telangana?
Yes, according to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, vehicle owners must register their two-wheelers to prove their vehicle ownership. As per the act, vehicles should not be driven without a valid registration certificate. Violation of this provision is a punishable offence. In addition, there is a late penalty for delay in the RC renewal.
How long is the vehicle registration certificate valid?
The vehicle registration remains valid for 15 years from the date of issuance. After the expiry of the validity, the owner can choose to renew the registration certificate for 5 years. Note that it is imperative to renew the certificate to remain compliant. Vehicle owners must remember to apply for the renewal of the certificate 60 days before the registration’s expiry for continuous use of the vehicle.
Is it mandatory to avail of an insurance plan for my vehicle?
It is not compulsory to purchase first-party insurance. However, per the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, it is compulsory to purchase a third-party insurance policy.
What is the helpline number of the TS transport department?
You can dial the helpline numbers 040 – 23370081, 040 – 23370083, or 040 – 23370084 anytime between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM on all working days. Avoid calling during lunchtime, which is from 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM.

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