Building a Culture of Recognition

byDilip PrasadLast Updated: March 1, 2023
Building a Culture of Recognition

Employee recognition has always been an integral part of our company’s mission, as we value Paytmers for their contribution to our success and scale.

Along with Paytmers, their families too are considered an important part of our company because we believe their support is invaluable to our employees.

This year, our employees received a surprise along with their appraisals and promotions – a letter from our Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director Vijay Shekhar to their families! Since we are working in a hybrid mode, this special note along with a customized gift hamper arrived at the doorsteps of Paytmers. A special customised gift hamper, which included healthy snacks and cookies from Open Secret, was also shared as a little token of appreciation.

Addressing the families, our founder and CEO wrote: “…Your unconditional support to our employee powered this contribution which went into the success we achieved last year. Thanks to their hard work, dedication and agility, we’ve been able to serve our customers better and move one step closer to fulfilling our mission.

In a year that marked our place in history, we made great strides in our business momentum, scale of monetization and operating leverage. We are inspired by everything our employees have achieved, as well as the competence they’ve shown…..”

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