Paytm Security Shield- Here’s Why it is Important & How to Enable it!

Paytm Security Shield

“In the financial year 2021, around 44 billion digital payments were recorded across India. This was an increase compared to the previous three years.”-Statista

The number of digital payments are increasing, so does the number of online frauds and thefts. Therefore, Paytm has come up with a measure to secure your Paytm account even more through ‘Paytm Security Shield‘. The reason to come up with such a measure is to safeguard the banking and personal details of millions of users.

In this blog, we will understand more about ‘Paytm Security Shield‘ and why you should enable it at the earliest.

What is Paytm Security Shield?

Paytm Security Shield is a shield that protects the Paytm app from thefts, unauthorized sources or digital frauds. It works as an additional protective layer which, when enabled, denies another person’s access to the application.

  • Paytm Security Shield is a feature for the Paytm users
  • It pop-ups on the screen whenever a new user logs in
  • Paytm users can simply use the phone’s screen lock to enable Paytm Security Shield
  • Paytm security shield safeguards the application from unauthorized accesses

Why enable Paytm Security Shield?

The reasons to enable Paytm Security Shield are many, a few among them are-

  • Paytm Security Shield protects the app from unauthorized access
  • It blocks the access of other people than the actual owner to use the application (as the owner needs to enter the passcode/use fingerprint sensor, face lock or use the phone’s password)
  • Paytm Security Shield secures the Paytm application from digital frauds, thefts or hacking
  • It is important to enable Paytm security shield to safeguard filled banking details, financial information and more

How to enable Paytm Security Shield?

Enabling the Paytm Security Shield is easy and takes less than a minute by following the given steps. However, before following the steps, keep the given pointers in mind-

  1. Once the user successfully installs the Paytm application and starts with it, the Paytm Security Shield pops up on the screen
  2. The screen will reflect different Paytm mandatory shield popups for people with the phone lock and for people without the phone lock



  • Install the Paytm application and open it
  • Login to the Paytm application, where the Paytm Security Shield option will pop up
  • Click on ‘Enable’ to enable the Paytm Security Shield
  • The Paytm Security Shield will get activated and the user will be required to enter the passcode or provide the face ID, fingerprint to access the application

Who can enable Paytm Security Shield?

Paytm Security Shield reflects on the screen of those users who have just installed the Paytm application. The Paytm Security Shield pop-ups with two different messages. The first message is for those who have enabled a lock screen on their mobile phone and the second message is for those who already have a lock screen on their phone.

Till now, a majority of Paytm’s users have enabled the security shield to protect their Paytm application from outsiders and from unauthorized sources. The Paytm Security Shield is Paytm’s drive to encourage its users to safeguard their Paytm application from the forefront and the rest will be taken care of by Paytm itself.


Paytm is one of the pioneers of digital payment apps. It has changed the overall concept of making transactions digitally. Using the Paytm application, users can simply make transactions anytime and from anywhere. In return, they get exciting deals & discounts along with rewards and cashback points (T & C).

Who can get access to my Paytm application?
No one can get access to the Paytm application until or unless one has shared the passcode with somebody or enabled another person’s fingerprint sensor.
Can I use my phone’s lock for the Paytm Security Shield?
Yes, users can use their phone’s lock to enable the Paytm Security Shield.
Is it risky to use Paytm’s Paytm Security Shield?
No, Paytm Security Shield, in fact, safeguards the Paytm application even more and denies access to any unauthorized or unknown person.
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