Happy Women’s Day – Saluting the Strength of those who Inspire us Everyday

byPreeti VermaLast Updated: March 18, 2024

At Paytm, we wholeheartedly believe in the celebration and empowerment of women every day. The women of Paytm have epitomised the ethos of this year’s International Women’s Day theme, ‘Invest in women: Accelerate progress’. We recognise the significance of fostering an inclusive environment and investing in the empowerment of women who adeptly balance multiple responsibilities across work, family, and beyond.

We have consistently supported our women employees, facilitating their progression from leadership to frontline roles, where they continue to inspire and lead by example. Here are small things we are doing this Women’s Day for their well-being, as a token of our appreciation!

Health is Wealth

Our success lies in the success of our employees and we aim to provide them with best-in-class benefits that prioritise their health, wellness, and financial well-being. This year, we are celebrating International Women’s Day by organising a special session on Healthy Diets for Working Women. We are doing a special webinar, where we have invited expert Dietician Dr. Namita Nadar, MSc and Ph.D. (food and nutrition) & certified Diabetic Educator from Fortis Hospital to address the importance of a healthy diet. 

In line with our dedication to employee wellness, our HR team consistently organises health and wellness sessions for both on-site and remote working staff, focusing on mindfulness, meditation, and expert guidance, to help Paytmers manage their health effectively.

We are dedicated to making each day special for our female employees by providing comprehensive healthcare coverage, wealth creation opportunities, and many more. We also offer creche facilities, paid maternity and paternity leave, and have implemented a strong Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) policy, with special helpline counseling. Furthermore, we regularly invite counselors and conduct yoga sessions for mental and physical well-being.

Financial Independence through Investments 

We have also launched campaigns and webinars to promote financial equality and wellness. We hold special webinars to provide financial independence to women through investment. Experts like Mrin Agarwal, Founder & Director of Finsafe and Co-founder of Womantra, shared invaluable insights during these sessions, empowering women to take charge of their financial futures.

We are encouraging them to become financially aware, independent, and to take active steps towards managing their money. Our initiatives extend beyond awareness-building to practical support, including timely IPO alerts and facilitating free Demat accounts. We aspire for all our employees, regardless of gender or orientation, to achieve financial equality and independence.

Making the Day Extra Special

To make the day truly memorable, our Gift Vouchers Team has curated an exclusive shopping experience for our female employees, complete with special discounts. Additionally, we’ve arranged an indulgent spa session with Urban Clap, providing a well-deserved opportunity for relaxation. To enhance our employees’ culinary experience, we are also providing exclusive offers and discounts at the California Burrito outlet in One Skymark.

Collaborating with our partner NGO, Bucket List, we are aiming to spread love and joy, making this International Women’s Day truly unforgettable. We’re organizing volunteering sessions for a day of heartwarming activities with the underprivileged women of Khandsa Village in Gurugram, as part of our Women’s Day celebration. It’s a day filled with laughter, learning, and plenty of fun! From engaging sessions to exciting games, there’s something for everyone.

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