Lost PAN Card – How to Apply for a Duplicate PAN Card?

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Lost PAN Card

Losing important documents can be a daunting experience, and the Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is no exception. It is an essential identification document for taxpayers in India, and its loss or damage can cause inconvenience and even delays in financial transactions.

Fortunately, applying for a duplicate PAN card is a straightforward process that can be completed online or offline. Whether you misplaced your card, it got stolen, or you need a new one due to wear and tear, this guide will walk you through the steps to apply for a duplicate PAN card hassle-free. So, let’s dive in and learn how to get a replacement PAN card in no time!

What is a Duplicate PAN card?

In cases where an individual or taxpayer has lost, misplaced, or had their current PAN Card damaged or stolen, a duplicate PAN Card can be issued as an exact replica of the original. The process for obtaining a replacement PAN Card has been simplified by the Income Tax Department of India, making it easy to apply for a lost card.

What Are the Methods to Apply for a Lost/Duplicate PAN Card?

When applying for a lost PAN Card, there are two methods available: online and offline. Opting for the online process offers several advantages, such as greater convenience, simplicity, and speed, as it can be completed from the comfort of one’s home. Conversely, the offline route requires applicants to visit an NSDL PAN service unit, which can be time-consuming and less convenient.

How to Apply for a Duplicate PAN Card Online?

It is easy to apply for a lost PAN card online, all an applicant needs to do is to follow the mentioned steps-

  • Visit the official website of TIN-NSDL.
  • Click on the “Services” tab, and then select “PAN.”
  • Scroll down to the “Reprint of PAN Card” section and click on “Apply.”
  • The online PAN application will be displayed. Select the appropriate category and application type.
  • Fill in all the required fields and click on “Submit.” A token number will be generated and sent to the applicant’s registered email for future reference.
  • Continue filling out the application by providing personal details and choosing the PAN application submission mode.
  • Select between a physical PAN card and an e-PAN card. If you choose an e-PAN card, a valid email address will be required.
  • Fill out the contact information on the document details page and submit the application.
  • You will be redirected to the payment page. Make the payment, and an acknowledgement receipt will be generated.
  • The PAN card will be issued to the applicant within 15-20 working days.


If you have lost your PAN card, you should apply for a replacement as having multiple PAN cards is prohibited by law, and individuals found with more than one card may be subject to a penalty of Rs 10,000.

You can utilize the acknowledgement number to track the status of your duplicate PAN card application.

How to Apply for a Duplicate PAN Card Offline?

Apply for a duplicate PAN card offline by following the given steps- 

  • Print or download the application form for duplicate PAN card
  • Fill out the application form in BLOCK letters, being sure to enter your 10-digit PAN number.
  • Attach two cross-signed passport-size photographs (for individual applicants).
  • Carefully fill in all required fields and details.
  • Submit the completed application form for a duplicate PAN card, proof of identity, proof of address, and any other necessary supporting documents to the NSDL facilitation centre.
  • Complete the payment process and an acknowledgement number will be generated for tracking the status of the PAN card.
  • The PAN facilitation center will forward the duplicate PAN card form to the Income-tax PAN services for further processing.
  • After the department receives the application form, the duplicate PAN card will be dispatched within 2 weeks following processing.

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What Are the Documents Required to Apply for a Duplicate PAN Card?

Listed below are the list of documents required to apply for a duplicate PAN card- 

  • Self-attested identity proof like driving licence, Aadhaar, voter ID, etc.
  • Self-attested address proof like bank account statements, utility bills, Aadhaar, etc.
  • Self-attested document with the mentioned date of your birth like a certificate of birth, Passport, matriculation certificate, etc.
  • PAN allotment letter or a self-attested copy of PAN Card

When Do You Need a Duplicate PAN Card?

A duplicate PAN card is required under the following circumstances:

  • Loss or theft of your original PAN card.
  • Misplacement of the original PAN card.
  • Damage to the original PAN card.
  • Updating information on the original PAN card.

How to Surrender the Duplicate PAN Card?

It is illegal to possess more than one PAN card, and a penalty of Rs. 10,000 may be imposed on those who do so. Hence, if you have more than one PAN card, it is necessary to surrender the duplicate card by following the instructions provided below.

  • Write a letter addressed to the assessing officer stating your intention to surrender the duplicate PAN card. In the letter, provide all the necessary information required for the PAN card.
  • Clearly mention which PAN card you want to keep and which one you are surrendering.
  • Submit the letter to the nearest PAN card office or designated office of the assessing officer. They will process the letter and provide you with an acknowledgement number as proof that the duplicate PAN card has been cancelled.

How Much to Pay for a Duplicate Pan Card?

You have the option to apply for a duplicate PAN card either online or offline. The table below displays the charges associated with obtaining a duplicate PAN card.

  1. If a physical PAN card is required- 

2. If a physical PAN card is not required 

Who Can Make the Payment for a PAN Card?

The table shows who can make a payment for a PAN card:

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6 Things to know about Duplicate PAN Card

A duplicate PAN card functions similarly to an original PAN card and is accepted everywhere it is required. This is one of the aspects of a duplicate PAN card; the points below explain more about a duplicate PAN card:

  • File an FIR for the lost PAN card and submit it to the NSDL office along with the required documents and reprint PAN application form
  • PAN card application processing fee outside India is Rs. 1020 whereas it is Rs. 110 for Indian communication address
  • Applicants may pay for a duplicate PAN card via net banking, DD, credit card, or debit card. Following successful payment, an acknowledgement screen with a downloadable acknowledgement receipt will be displayed
  • An acknowledgement number will be generated once the payment for a duplicate PAN card is completed. This acknowledgement number should be saved by the applicant, printed, and sent to the NSDL e-GOV
  • An applicant who is a minor need to mention his/her AADHAAR number in the application form
  • If an applicant uses a thumb impression instead of a signature, it will be verified first by a Magistrate, a Gazetted Officer, or a Notary Public, using the official stamp and seal

Can I hold two PAN cards?

No, it is an offence to have more than one PAN card. A penalty of Rs. 10,000 has to be paid by the person with two or more PAN cards.

Do I need to necessarily file an FIR against a lost PAN card?

Yes, it is mandatory to file an FIR against a lost PAN card as it is required to be submitted when applying for a duplicate PAN card.

Can I get a physical PAN card outside India?

Yes, an applicant can apply for a physical PAN card by paying the required fee.

What documents are required to apply for a duplicate PAN card?

To apply for a duplicate PAN card, you need to submit a copy of your original PAN card or a FIR copy in case it is lost, a proof of identity, and proof of address.

How can I apply for a duplicate PAN card online?

You can apply for a duplicate PAN card online by visiting the NSDL or UTIITSL website, filling out the application form, and paying the application fee.

Can I apply for a duplicate PAN card if my original PAN card is damaged?

Yes, you can apply for a duplicate PAN card if your original card is damaged or unusable. You will need to submit the damaged card along with the application form.

Is it permissible to possess multiple PAN cards?

No, it is illegal to possess more than one PAN card. Anyone found with two or more PAN cards will be subjected to a penalty of Rs. 10,000.

Is filing an FIR necessary when my PAN card is misplaced?

Yes, it is compulsory to file an FIR in case of a lost PAN card as it is mandatory to present it when applying for a duplicate PAN card.

Can I obtain a physical PAN card from a location outside of India?

Yes, an applicant can obtain a physical PAN card from a location outside of India by submitting the required fee.

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