How to Apply for a Driving License Online and Offline?

How to Apply for a Driving License Online and Offline?

Driving a car in India is almost always required. Driving without a licence will result in a fine and possibly months in jail as a penalty. As a result, having a driver’s licence is essential for remaining legally safe. Furthermore, the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 states that no one will be permitted to drive a motor vehicle in a public place unless they have a valid driver’s licence. It is a punishable offence.

This blog explains how to apply for a driver’s licence online and offline in the simplest way possible.

How to Apply for a Driving License Online?

The steps to apply for a driver’s licence online are as follows:

  • Visit the Parivahan Sewa official website
  • Go to ‘License Related Services’ and select Drivers/Learners License
  • Choose your state, then click ‘Apply for Driving License‘ and then ‘Continue.’
  • Fill in the blanks with all of the necessary information
  • Pay the driving license fee
  • Next, schedule a driving licence test and appear for it
  • If you pass the test, you will receive your licence

How to Apply for a Driving License Offline?

  • Download Form 4 from the official website of the state transport. Alternatively, you can obtain the driving licence application form from RTO
  • Now, properly fill out the driving licence form and submit the documents
  • Make the application fee payment
  • Next, schedule your driving test and show up for it
  • You will receive your licence if you pass the test

Eligibility Criteria to Apply DL Online or Offline

  • The applicant must have a valid learner’s permit.
  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  • The applicant must be well-versed in traffic laws and regulations.
  • The applicant must apply for a permanent driving licence within 30 days of obtaining the learner’s licence, or within 180 days of obtaining the learner’s licence.
  • The applicant for a commercial driver’s licence must be at least 20 years old.

Documents Required to Apply for a Driving Licence

Following are the list of documents that should be submitted when applying for a driver’s licence:

Age proofEducational certificateAttested copy of the passportBirth certificateYou will receive a certificate from your employer if you work for the state/central government or a local government
Address proofRation cardVoter’s IDLIC policy bondValid passportEmployer certification issued by the local/central/state government
Additional documentsApplication form 4Application form 5 to apply for a commercial driving licenseLearner’s licenseThree passport size photos

Application Fees and Other Charges to Apply for DL and LL

Form 3 (Issuance of Learner’s Licence) Fee: Rs. 150 per Vehicle Class
Renewal of a driving licence costs Rs. 200
Fee for Competence to Drive Test or Retest: Rs. 300
The fee for issuing a driving licence: Rs. 200
Fee for Learner’s Licence Test or Retest: Rs. 50
Fees for hazardous goods vehicle authorization – Rs. 100
Fees for late applications after the grace period – Rs. 300
Fees for an International Driving Permit: Rs. 1,000
Fees for adding a new vehicle class to a driver’s licence – Rs. 500

Important Things to Know About Driving Licence (DL)

  • Drivers of two-wheelers and four-wheelers will no longer need to visit the Regional Transportation Office (RTO) to obtain their driving licence. The Centre has rolled out new rules for obtaining a driving licence that does not require a driving test
  • The Union Ministry of Roads and Motorways modified the rules for obtaining a driver’s licence, and the new rules went into effect on July 1, 2022
  • The government has empowered accredited driver training centres to issue driving licenses to eligible candidates after successful completion of training, eliminating the need for people to visit the RTO
  • Applicants for a driver’s licence must enrol in one of these driver training centres and pass an exam administered by them. The centre will issue a certificate once the test has been passed
  • Following receipt of the certificate, applicants can apply for a driver’s licence, which will be issued based on the training certificate and will not require a test at the RTO


How long does it take to receive the driving licence after passing the test?

If you pass the test, you would receive your driving licence at your home address within 4 weeks. Keep your payment receipt handy when receiving your licence. Additionally, double-check that all of the information is correct while receiving the driving licence.

What information will I need to provide to check the status of my driver’s licence?

You must provide all necessary information such as your date of birth, personal details, and, most importantly, the token/reference/application number issued to you at the time of application.

Is it possible to apply for a driver’s licence online?

Yes, you can apply for a driver’s licence from the comfort of your own home. You simply need to go to Parivahan’s official website and fill out the necessary information and further submit all necessary documents. After the completion of the process, your driving licence test date will be communicated to you. You will receive your driving licence within 2-6 weeks of passing the test.

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