5 Ways to Reduce Electricity Bill at Home

byMrinal MandalLast Updated: March 7, 2023
Guide to Easy Payment of Telangana Electricity Bill

Have you recently observed that your electricity bill amount is increasing by the day? If so, find out if there is an equivalent increase in your consumption of electricity. And if not, then you’ve got a reason to worry!

While there may be multiple reasons behind a higher electric bill, if you notice a major increase in the amount, then it’s a sign that you should act upon it.

The increase in your electricity bill may simply be due to the appliances you use or the way you use them or perhaps, both of them at the same time. To answer all the questions, we have listed down five reasons your electricity bill is high and ways to reduce electricity bill at home.

1. Vampire Appliances – Draining the Power Out of the Sockets

Vampire appliances are those appliances that consume power even when they are turned off. Your television set, computer, Xbox, etc. come under the domain of vampire appliances. It is important to note that simply turning these vampire appliances off may not be enough to stop them from consuming power unless you turn the power strips off.

A lot of modern-day appliances are designed to be in standby mode to turn on quickly the next time. Therefore, they keep consuming electricity if you haven’t turned them off from the power strips. So, in order to save yourself from this expense, you need to turn them off from the power strips.

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2. Big Appliances Mean Big Energy Consumption

The running appliances like your washing machine, dishwasher, geyser, AC, etc. can consume a lot of energy and can be the biggest contributors to your electricity bills. The reason behind getting a higher bill may also be due to the way you are using these appliances.

For example, if you use your washing machine frequently and not use it to its full capacity, it may lead to higher electricity bills. The same goes for dishwashers, if you are using one at your home, then you should try to use it at its full capacity. About AC and geysers, if you limit your AC or geyser consumption smartly, you can save your electricity bill.

Additionally, if you are planning to buy any such appliances, you should go for the ones with five-star ratings. This is because 5 star rated appliances are designed to be power efficient and they consume lesser energies as compared to the appliances with no or lesser ratings.

So, in case you need to purchase a new appliance or want to replace your old one, it is recommended to opt for a five star rated appliance.

3. Inefficient Use of Electric Bulbs and Ceiling Fans

Electric bulbs can be a huge contributor to your electricity bills and one of the great ways to reduce electricity bill at home, especially when you haven’t switched to CFLs or LEDs.

You don’t need to lighten up the whole space and directional lights can be a great way to reduce your energy consumption such as study lamps when you are working or studying. The same goes with the fans- an electric fan only maintains the temperature of the room it is functioning in. Switching off the fan when leaving the room is a good practice to follow.

4. Old Appliances Require More Energy Than the New Ones

Every appliance has an optimum age to give its prime efficiency and thereafter, as the appliance gets older, its efficiency goes down. This is the main reason why using old appliances may give you higher energy bills. It is always advised to replace your old appliances with new ones and when you do, don’t forget to buy the five-star rated appliances as they are designed for high efficiencies such as power-saving fans.

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5. Charge it Up But Not Always

How often do you charge your devices such as your mobile phone or laptop? Do you have a habit of putting them on charging or keeping your chargers on? If yes, you might be adding some more reasons to your increased electricity bills. You don’t need to put your devices on charge all the time, or if you do, it may be the right time to change them or their batteries. Also, turn off the chargers from the supply when they are not in use.


There are many reasons why our electricity bills are high and it may be due to our own mistakes. We can save a lot on our electricity bills using multiple ways to reduce electricity bill at home if we start to use the electrical appliances smartly. Optimizing the use of the appliances, replacing old appliances with new ones, and shutting the appliances down from the mains are some of the takeaways from the blog.

What are some of the main reasons for high electricity bills?

Some of the main reasons for getting higher electricity bills are:

  • Vampire appliances
  • Non-optimal use of big appliances
  • Inefficient use of electric bulbs and fan
  • Old appliances
  • Keeping your devices on charging mode for than required.
What are 5-star rated appliances?
Five star rated appliances are energy-efficient appliances, i.e., they consume lesser power to deliver the same output as any other non-rated appliance. They are also more eco friendly as there are lesser emissions with 5-star rated appliances.
What are Vampire Appliances?
Vampire appliances are the ones that consume power even when they are turned off or are put on stand-by mode. Some of the examples of vampire appliances can be TV, X-Box, Computer etc.
Which is more energy efficient? A CFL bulb or an LED bulb?
LED bulbs are more energy-efficient than CFL bulbs. They are also more luminescent than the CFLs for the same power rating, thus allowing one to use a bulb of lower power rating for the same output as compared to a CFL bulb.

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