A Comprehensive Guide to Rajkot RTO Offices, Address, Phone Number, and Timings

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Guide to Rajkot RTO Offices
Guide to Rajkot RTO Offices

Rajkot, a vibrant city in the western state of Gujarat, is known for its rich cultural heritage and rapid development. With a growing population and increasing number of vehicles on the road, the Regional Transport Office (RTO) plays a crucial role in managing transportation and ensuring road safety. 

This comprehensive guide will provide you with detailed information about the RTO office in Rajkot, its address, phone number, and operating timings. Whether you are a resident of Rajkot or a visitor seeking transportation-related services, this blog will serve as your go-to resource for all your RTO-related queries.

RTO Offices in Rajkot, Gujarat

Services Offered by RTO Office in Rajkot

The RTO office in Rajkot offers a wide range of services related to vehicle registration, driver licensing, and transportation regulations. Here are some of the key services provided by the RTO office in Rajkot:

  • Vehicle Registration
    • New Vehicle Registration: RTO offices facilitate the registration of new vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, etc.
    • Transfer of Ownership: If you buy or sell a vehicle, the RTO assists in transferring the ownership from the seller to the buyer.
    • Vehicle Re-registration: In case of relocation to Rajkot from another state or district, the RTO helps in re-registering the vehicle in the new location.
    • Hypothecation Removal: If a vehicle’s loan has been fully repaid, the RTO assists in removing the hypothecation (financial lien) from the vehicle’s registration certificate.
  • Driver Licensing
    • Learner’s License: RTO offices issue learner’s licenses to individuals who are beginning to learn how to drive.
    • Permanent Driving License: After the completion of the learner’s license period, RTO offices issue permanent driving licenses to qualified applicants.
    • International Driving Permit (IDP): RTO offices issue IDPs to individuals who wish to drive vehicles internationally, in accordance with international traffic regulations.
  • Fitness and Pollution Checks
    • Vehicle Fitness Certificate: RTO offices conduct inspections to ensure that vehicles comply with safety and emission standards, issuing fitness certificates to those who pass.
    • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate: RTO offices carry out checks to measure and certify the level of emissions from vehicles, issuing PUC certificates to those that meet the prescribed standards.
  • Permits and Transport Services
    • Goods Carrier Permits: RTO offices issue permits for commercial vehicles engaged in the transportation of goods within and outside the state.
    • Passenger Vehicle Permits: RTO offices issue permits for commercial vehicles involved in passenger transportation, such as taxis, buses, etc.
    • National Permit: RTO offices facilitate the issuance of national permits for commercial vehicles operating across state borders.
  • Road Tax and Taxation Services
    • Collection of Road Tax: RTO offices collect road taxes from vehicle owners, based on vehicle type, usage, and other factors.
    • Tax Payment and Renewal: Vehicle owners can pay their road tax and renew their tax payment documents at the RTO offices.
  • Road Safety and Enforcement
    • Traffic Rules and Regulations: RTO offices enforce traffic rules and regulations to ensure road safety and discipline.
    • Challan and Fine Collection: RTO offices collect fines and penalties for traffic violations as per the applicable regulations.

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Navigating the RTO office in Rajkot is essential for all vehicle owners and drivers. This comprehensive guide has provided detailed information about the RTO offices in different parts of Rajkot, along with their addresses, phone numbers, and operating timings. Remember to visit the respective RTO office during the specified timings to avail of the services effectively. Stay compliant with transportation regulations, keep your documents up to date, and ensure road safety. 


How many RTO offices are there in Rajkot?

Rajkot has only one RTO office located near the market yard.

What are the services provided by the RTO office in Rajkot?

The RTO office in Rajkot offers a range of services, including vehicle registration, issuing driving licenses, transferring vehicle ownership, issuing permits, conducting fitness tests, collecting road taxes, and ensuring compliance with transportation regulations.

Can I contact the RTO office in Rajkot by phone?

Yes, the RTO office in Rajkot has a designated phone number to assist individuals with their queries or to seek information about specific services. You can call the office at 0281-2703366 to clarify your queries.

What are the timings of the RTO office in Rajkot?

The RTO office in Rajkot generally operates between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM.
Yes, many RTO services can now be availed online through the official website of the RTO or the state transport department. Online services include vehicle registration, license renewal, tax payment, and more. However, certain services may still require an in-person visit to the respective RTO office.

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