Unlock the Joy of Gifting with Gift Cards on Paytm

byPreeti VermaOctober 13, 2023

Are you feeling puzzled about finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones this festive season? Look no further! Brand Gift Cards on Paytm bring you amazing deals and convenience, making gifting a memorable experience.

Gift cards have risen in popularity as versatile gifts and effective promotional tools. At Paytm, we have 200+ gift cards from brands like Flipkart, Google Play,  Reliance Smart, Lifestyle, Spencers, Fab India, Reliance Trends, Myntra, U.S. Polo, Swiggy, Zomato, Apollo Pharmacy and  many more. Additionally Paytm offers benefits like cashback and cashback points on the purchase of gift cards. This is over and above the savings from the brand side. 

These gift cards serve as a cash alternative, usable in various traditional and non-traditional scenarios, including loyalty programs, incentives, gifting, and disbursements. They cater to a broad spectrum of categories, from fashion to electronics, and are applicable to both online and offline purchases.

Important points to note:

  1. Once the gift card is purchased it cannot be canceled or refunded. Balance in a gift card cannot be used to purchase another gift card, or redeemed for cash, or transferred to a bank account.
  1. All gift cards have a predefined expiry date and need to be utilized before that date.  While initiating a purchase, one can view the  validity of a card on the product page and in the ‘Things to Note’ section. Gift cards can be purchased through UPI, Credit/Debit Card issued in India, Internet  banking and Paytm Wallet. Also, if the limit is exceeded one can pay the bill via the Gift Card amount and the excess amount via any other accepted payment instruments at the brand store/website.

How to redeem gift cards

Our gift cards can be purchased by going to the Paytm app and finding your brand gift card. Users have the freedom of choosing from various available offers and proceed to buy. Once purchased, the gift card details will be received instantly. Afterwards, you can effortlessly redeem gift cards online or in-store to pay your bills.

Steps to redeem a gift card for an offline store.

  1. Visit the brand store 
  2. Open the Gift Card by going to the ‘Orders & Bookings’ section  on your Paytm App or via email and present the gift card code and PIN (in some cases)
  3. Share the Gift Card code and PIN with the cashier at the time of payment

Steps to redeem a gift card at website/app

  1. Open the Gift Card by going to the ‘Orders & Bookings’ section  On your Paytm App or via email. Use this to view the gift card code and PIN (in some cases)
  2. Visit the brand website/app
  3. Open the brand payment methods section and select the option pertaining to gift cards
  4. Share the gift card code and PIN in this section and redeem to get the respective amount balance for your account
  5. This balance can be used for any online order

For detailed steps on redeeming the  Gift Card, please visit the “”How to redeem””  section of your order by going to the ‘Orders & Bookings’ page on your Paytm app.

Example of a Use Case:


If there is an offer such as “6% Cashback and 900% Cashback points” offered on Zomato. If a user has an order bill of Rs 1000/- on Zomato, he can buy a gift card for that amount at Paytm and get 6% cashback on Paytm. He can then pay the bill amount by redeeming the code on the app. This 6% cashback is over and above the in-app offers. Users can also choose to top up the Zomato Gift card balance for any amount in one go and make payments using Zomato Gift Card balance through a simple click.

Alternatively, if the customer chooses the cashback points offer, he will receive 9000 Points which can be redeemed across various deals listed on our points catalog – Jackpot offers, Deals at Rs. 1, purchase other gift cards or choose to convert into Paytm Cash.

However, there are instances when the user can encounter difficulties in redeeming the gift card. Some of the common reasons include:

Expiration Dates and Restrictions: Many gift cards have expiration dates or restrictions on their use, such as specific days or times. Also check the restriction or term and conditions of the gift card you are redeeming.

Network Connectivity: Poor or unstable internet connectivity can hinder the ability to redeem gift cards on the Paytm app. Ensure stable internet connection before attempting to redeem a gift card.

App Update: Using an outdated version of the app may lead to glitches and difficulties in card redemption. Make sure that the app is up to date. 

Online Shopping Challenges: Some gift cards may not be easily redeemable for online purchases, they could be in-store only, or their codes may not work on the retailer’s website.

To avoid the above mentioned circumstances, read the gift card instructions or terms and conditions carefully on the Paytm App. If the issue still persists, reach out to us via Help & Support available under the Paytm App.

We assure you a seamless Paytm Gift Card redemption process under every circumstances. 

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