How to Block an ATM card?

byYashi DasLast Updated: August 17, 2022
How to Block an ATM card

All ATM card users must know how to block an ATM card in times of emergency like in situations. You can block your ATM card when the cards get misplaced, stolen, etc. Banks may also block the ATM cards if they suspect any fraud or card details being leaked or sacrificed to avoid any unauthorized transaction.

You can request your bank to block your ATM card in several ways. We have listed them down below.

Methods for ATM card Block Application

You can reach out to your bank to block your ATM card in more than one way and you need to follow a few steps in each for an ATM card block application.

Contact Your Bank for ATM card Block

All banks provide customer care numbers (mostly toll-free) for various customer care services. ATM card block service is one of the various services provided. Pre-recorded instructions can guide you through using which you can opt to block your card. You will have to enter the card details. You shall be notified through SMS on your registered number or your email id once it is done. A customer service executive may be assigned and connected to you for further assistance and to ensure that it is the rightful owner of the card who has requested an ATM card block.

ATM card Block through NetBanking

If you use internet banking, then find your way to that section where you find the details of all active cards or where the block ATM card option is available. Click on it and you will be asked for re-confirmation so that the card does not get blocked, even if pressed accidentally. You will have to confirm further authentication through an OTP or the profile password of your net-banking account. Once done, you will be notified of a successful ATM card block with a ticket number displayed on your screen.

ATM card block via SMS

Banks provide SMS banking services wherein you can raise a request for an ATM card block by sending an SMS in a specific format to the number provided by the bank. You will receive a confirmation message with a ticket number, date, and time of ATM card blocking.

Bank Branch

You can always reach out to the nearest bank branch of the bank in which you hold an account and use its ATM card. The bank officials will help you block your card immediately.

Why Block an ATM card?

You will need to block an ATM card under unfavorable circumstances as below:

  • Someone stole your ATM card
  • If you can’t find a misplaced ATM card. Someone else may find it and misuse it
  • When there is an unauthorized online payment or ATM cash withdrawal. If you have not done this transaction from your account then contact the bank officials
  • SMS or email alerts of PIN change or failed attempts of cash withdrawal, online payment, etc.

Blocking a Debit ATM card will save you from loss of money as a blocked card is neither functional for ATM cash withdrawal, transfer, and PIN change nor it can be used for any online payments.

Automatic ATM card Block

Sometimes the bank may block your ATM card may instead of you. Bank does Automatic ATM card blocking for the below-mentioned reasons:

  • The old ATM card automatically gets deactivated or blocked and the new one becomes active whenever the older card’s validity expires and the bank issues a new ATM card
  • The banks automatically block the ATM card of the account holders whenever there is a security breach. The banks then provide a new card to the existing cardholders
  • Banks automatically block a user’s ATM card whenever the bank suspects any fraudulent transaction or uncommon purchase. For instance, if your usual withdrawal amount is Rs. 20,000 and on one day, there is a transaction of Rs. 2,00,000. Then, it triggers a case of uncommon purchase. If there is a withdrawal of large amounts and the bank account goes zero, this may invite a suspicion as well. Under such circumstances, the bank may block the ATM card
  • Wrong attempts for logging through PIN at an ATM. If you enter the wrong PIN 3 times, there is an automatic card block for 24 hours

These are a few conditions where the bank may block your card. The bank will issue a new card without your request in case of data breaching or card expiry. In other cases, you will have to apply for unblocking your current card or getting a new card by submitting a form for the same. The card also gets unblocked after 24 hours in case of the temporary blocking of cards.

Wrapping it up:

Avoid the hassle of ATM card block by keeping it safe and do not share any personal bank or card details with anyone. However, whenever in doubt then immediately get the ATM card blocked to not suffer from monetary losses. Also, change the PIN of your ATM every 3-6 months to ensure card security. You must also know how to unblock your card.

Can I temporarily block my ATM card?
Yes, you can temporarily block your card accidentally when you enter the wrong ATM PIN more than 2 times (blocked after 3rd time). Also, some banks allow for temporary ATM card blocking through the internet or SMS banking.
How to unblock my ATM card?
You can unblock your card by submitting a written application or form at the bank. Also, nowadays banks provide this facility through mobile or internet banking where you can raise a request. In some cases, you can use the bank’s automated report system or customer service to raise the request.
Can I make online payments if my card is blocked?
No, you cannot make online payments if your debit ATM card is blocked. If your ATM card and debit cards were different, then you could use the ATM card only for ATM transactions and not online payments. In that case, you can still go ahead with online payments from the debit card. Banks mostly issue one debit-cum-ATM card.
Can I transfer money after the ATM card block?
Yes, you can transfer money through NEFT/IMPS/RTGS. All these avenues are available in internet banking. However, you cannot transfer money through an ATM after the ATM card’s block.

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