How our Employee-Friendly Policies are Making Us the Best Place to Work

byPreeti VermaLast Updated: May 17, 2024

As a leading digital ecosystem, we take enormous pride in each and every Paytmer that we hire. Our employer brand strategies are built on multiple factors, including the policies, programs, rewards, and benefits and perks the company offers to prospective candidates as well as existing employees. We have always taken our policies seriously and upgraded them as per the situation. We strongly believe in and work towards Paytmers flexibility and empowerment. 

These are the people, who are driving our accelerated growth, and making Paytm the best place to work. Attracting the right talent is our top priority. We recruit talent as per the goals, business priority, and vision, and it has proceeded through internal as well as external hiring. Our talent acquisition team plays a major role here. A big focus is on recruiting talent from all over the country, including tier 3 & 4 cities. 

We also understand that the future of work means making work meaningful for every Paytmer. This also means encouraging them on the path to their growth, career, and self-development. We recently revamped our career page to provide useful information to attract the right talent for the open jobs.

Our structured hiring process helps us onboarding the right talent for the right role, who are aligned with our mission of driving financial inclusion in India. We are building a strong team at Paytm to further drive innovation and business growth. Along with experienced hands, we continue to onboard young talents who are willing to push the boundaries and join us on our mission of bringing half a billion Indians into the mainstream economy. Here are the reasons that make us the best place to work. 

Balancing Work and Life: We have an excellent work environment. Believing in work-life balance, we also organise monthly health awareness sessions, where we have been inviting counselors, and conducting yoga sessions for the mental and physical well-being of our Paytmers. These doctors and experts are from top hospitals.      

Strong Leave Policies: We have revised our leave policies and introduced Bereavement and Miscarriage leave for this financial year. Our HRs and managers encourage Paytmers to plan their long leave in advance to fulfill their personal priorities.

Employee-focused Workshops & Training: We have been involved in building a re-skilling and upskilling culture within our existing workforce. We are doing customized training programmes through learning and development to upskill Paytmers. Through this practice, we are creating a better work culture, helping in the growth and competitive skill advantage of our organisation. 

Employee Stock Option Schemes: We grant share-based benefits to eligible Paytmers, to have higher ownership of the organisation. This also allows us to attract and retain talent, align individual performance with our objectives, and promote increased participation in the growth of the Company. We have two Employee Stock Option Schemes viz. One 97 Employees Stock Option Scheme 2008 (ESOP 2008) and One 97 Employees Stock Option Scheme 2019 (ESOP 2019)

Specific Measure for Diversity & Inclusion: Every Paytmer brings their own unique backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to the table, and are the key drivers of our growth. With no biases in our hiring process, we have implemented new initiatives to reach qualified, diverse employees to improve the quality of candidates at the time of hiring. We have been creating a diverse and inclusive workforce over the years. We offer creche facilities, paid maternity and paternity leave, implement a strong POSH policy, and also offer special helpline counseling.

Performance mapping through Review, Appraisals, Re-train: We believe in initiating a continuous flow of communication within Paytmers. They are assessed on key work traits by their Managers/Team Leaders. The evaluation is based on a simple rating scale and also allows self-rating. The process also allows them to highlight their skill gaps, and training requirements for the coming year and enables them to keep their talent competitive through learning and training. From time to time, we also provide upskilling infrastructure to employees to keep them abreast with the latest market trends. We also have a learning policy in place, where Paytmers can reimburse a certain amount to upskill themselves.

Awards & Appreciation: We never miss an opportunity to accolade Paytmers. We have designed several rewards and recognition programs to acknowledge this. For extraordinary achievements, there are rewards and recognitions like Rockstar of the Month, Rising Star of the Month, Champion of the Month, and Hall of Fame, where the winners are supported with monetary rewards, along with personalized gifts. They are also recognized through monthly newsletters, which are being shared with the entire Paytm Universe with pictures and citations of the winners.

Relocation & Remote Working: Being an agile company, we have always given flexibility to our employees to work from anywhere. We support remote working. To make this workable, we have provided laptops and other devices, along with 24X7 IT support assistance to Paytmers. We have also built-in remote sessions and real-time monitoring to troubleshoot devices and provide communication options. We are already supporting the hybrid working model. 

Our innovative and entrepreneurial work environment encourages people to grow individually as well, making Paytm a great place to work!

To know more, visit our career page here and explore job opportunities here. We are hiring.

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