Paytm honoured as the champion of ONDC — Here is how we have been clocking highest orders on India’s ONDC network

bySurbhi JainMay 31, 2023

As India’s QR and mobile payments pioneer, we are elated to be declared champions of India’s Open Network Digital Commerce. Our disruptive innovations were recognised as we were declared winners in two categories i.e ‘Growth Disruptor’ and ‘Operational Excellence’ at the inaugural edition of ONDC Elevate Awards 2023 at Bengaluru on Tuesday. 

We were the first app to go live on the ONDC with a launch in Bengaluru, back in September 2022. Since then, we have catapulted ourselves as leaders on the ONDC network, accounting for the highest number of orders on the platform. This has additionally made us the frontrunner in order value. We identify ourselves as a Buyer Network Participant, operating under the categories of grocery, home decor and food and beverage under ONDC. 

The vision of ONDC is to increase e‑retail penetration from the existing 4.3% to its maximum potential in India. This initiative envisions rapid growth of ecommerce in India and aims to boost growth of Indian startups. 

Supporting the vision of ONDC, we pride ourselves in elevating India’s experience of merchant and digital payments. We are supported by 31 million merchants who use our app, and over 6.8 million merchants use our subscription based services like Soundbox and POS machines to manage their online retail operations seamlessly. 

Merchants including medium and small enterprises are rapidly adopting new age payment technology in order to offer hassle free shopping experience to their customers. Digital payment mode at merchants typically include QR code, Point of Sale (POS) machines and payment gateway. 

We recognise this opportunity and want to participate in uplifting small businesses and merchants of India. Our country has immense growth potential to record 10 crore merchants and over 50 crore payment users in the near future.

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