Aadhaar Verification Online- A step by step guide to follow

Aadhaar Verification Online

Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique identification number issued by UIDAI. It is a combination of the user’s demographic information and biometric data. An Aadhaar card is mandatory for all to avail of various government schemes and benefits.

A user can enrol for an Aadhaar card by making a visit to the Aadhaar enrolment centre. There, a user is handed over an acknowledgement slip to track the status of an Aadhaar card. Further, after an Aadhaar card is issued, a user can use it for authentication purposes. However, before submitting an Aadhaar card, it is important to complete the Aadhaar verification.

The importance is given to Aadhaar verification online because it validates the existence of an Aadhaar card. In this blog, we will explain the importance of Aadhaar verification and how to do it online.

What is Aadhaar Verification?

Aadhaar verification, in simple words, is verifying its existence. It is done to- 

  • Verify if the provided Aadhaar card is genuine or fake
  • To ascertain if Aadhaar number is valid and is not deactivated
  • In case of any discrepancies/inaccuracies, a cardholder can connect with UIDAI to get it corrected

How to do Aadhaar Verification Online– Easy Step by Step Process

Aadhaar verification can be done online by following the given instructions- 

  • Visit the official website of UIDAI
  • Click on ‘My Aadhaar’, navigate to ‘Aadhaar Services’ and click on ‘Verify an Aadhaar Number’
  • Enter 12-digit Aadhaar number, captcha code, and click on ‘Proceed to Verify’



How to do Aadhaar Verification using the mAadhaar Application?

mAadhaar application offers numerous features to let an applicant avail a number of services with just a few taps. Using the mAadhaar application, an applicant can also verify his/her Aadhaar card by following the steps mentioned below-

  • Open mAadhaar mobile application
  • Locate QR scanner in the application
  • Scan the QR code on the given Aadhaar card through the mAadhaar scanner
  • Upon scanning, demographic details will appear on the screen
  • The given details can be used to verify the applicant’s identity

mAadhaar application is available for both the operating systems- Android and iOS. Here is how the screens of both the operating systems will look like after Aadhaar verification-





In case of any query related to Aadhaar verification, connect with UIDAI by calling on 1947 or sending a mail at help@uidai.gov.in.

Things to Keep in Mind for Aadhaar Verification

To verify an Aadhaar number, there are a list of things to keep in mind- 

  • Cross-check whether the Aadhaar number you have entered is correct or not
  • Make sure your mobile number is linked with your Aadhaar card as the OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number
  • It is recommended to use a secure network for Aadhaar verification. Using an unsecured network might result in data theft
  • In case there occurs any error during the Aadhaar verification process, it is essential to connect with UIDAI at the earliest for rectification
  • Do not share Aadhaar credentials with anyone
Can I check my Aadhaar status online?
Yes, visit the official website of UIDAI to check your Aadhaar card status online.
Is it possible to do Aadhaar verification online?
Visit the official website of UIDAI to verify your Aadhaar details in minutes.
Do I need to pay an amount to verify my Aadhaar card?
No, UIDAI does not ask for any fee for Aadhaar verification.
Where can I find the QR code for Aadhaar verification?
QR code is available on the front side of the Aadhaar card. It can be scanned to verify Aadhaar details.
Can I enter a virtual ID instead of my Aadhaar number for Aadhaar verification?
You have to enter your Aadhaar number to verify Aadhaar card details online.
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