#LifeAtPaytm: Laughter, Bonding & Teamwork – A look at Our Supply Chain and Logistic Team Offsite to Neemrana

byPreeti VermaLast Updated: November 17, 2023
Laughter, Bonding & Teamwork

Team outing is like hitting the refresh button from one’s daily routine. Amidst laughter and shared adventures, Paytmers strengthen their bond, but also teamwork gets a boost. With these outings and bondings, Paytmers come out strong and ready to conquer the challenges with a shared spirit of fun and camaraderie.

Embarking on a journey of laughter, joy, and teamwork, our Supply Chain and Logistics Team recently took a delightful detour from the daily routine to soak up the sun, dance in the rain, and celebrate success in the royal ambiance of Neemrana, Rajasthan. From appreciating and rewarding the hard work Paytmers are putting into delicious delicacies, amazing activities, dance, and DJ- Here’s how the team enjoyed their two-day outing. 

The Supply Chain and Logistics team offsite was not just a meeting; it was a time of reflection, a celebration of hard work, and a reason to bring the entire team together. The teams got together for a session that also included a reward ceremony. A moment to appreciate hard work and acknowledge success.

Relax, Repose, and Reenergise! The outing was a carnival of experiences. From savoring a delectable lunch to playing games like Tug of War, Lemon Race, Musical Chair, Matka Fod, Blind Snack, and Balloon Race – all filled Paytmers with cheer, fun, and excitement.

Chilling & Relaxing! Paytmers also participated in rain dance and moved with the beats on the DJ floor. 

Here’s to many more adventures and triumphs for Paytmers!

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