Voter ID Verification Process and Documents

bySharath ReddyLast Updated: March 18, 2024
Voter ID Verification Process and Documents

In both the digital realm and the traditional path, applications for obtaining a voter ID are accepted. Those inclined towards online submissions can access the necessary forms from their region’s Chief Electoral Officer via the official website. The requisite form should be diligently completed and submitted alongside the necessary documentation.

What is a Voter ID?

The Elector’s Photo Identity Card (EPIC), commonly referred to as the Indian Voter ID Card, holds the status of an official identity document allotted to adult residents of India upon reaching the age of 18. Its central role lies in validating the identity of Indian citizens during their participation in municipal, state, and national elections. 

Beyond its electoral function, the voter ID card is a versatile instrument, providing evidence of identity, residential address, and age for a spectrum of applications, including acquiring a mobile phone SIM card or initiating a passport application. Moreover, it extends its utility as a Travel Document for journeys to Nepal and Bhutan via land or air routes. Its alternative name, Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC), further underscores its multifaceted significance.

How to Apply for a Voter ID?

Follow the steps below to initiate your Voter ID application:

Step 1:Visit the official Government election website.

Step 2:Login to the account and select Form 6 from the provided options.

Step 3:Submit the duly completed Form along with the required documents.

Step 4:Attach a scanned passport-size photo to the documents.

Step 5:Physically submit copies of all the necessary documents to the local election office. Personal submission to the office is required; postal submissions are not accepted.

What is the Voter ID Verification Process?

Upon submission of the application, the voter ID verification process takes place, overseen by the Booth Level Officer. 

The officer verifies the address in line with Election Commission criteria, ensuring document authenticity. Should any inconsistencies arise during this verification process, the application is nullified, necessitating a new submission. 

Upon successful voter ID verification, the applicant becomes eligible for a valid voter ID. The voter ID is typically delivered by mail within 15 to 21 days after the verification process concludes.

Application Number for Voter Card Verification

When applying for a Voter ID, whether online or offline, it’s crucial to retain the application number for tracking purposes. The Election Commission of India (ECI) assigns an 11-digit application number upon registration for a voter’s ID, known as the EPIC Number.

EPIC (Electors Photo Identity Card) Number

EPIC, which stands for Electors Photo Identity Card, denotes the Voter ID card provided to individuals. Each voter possessing a Voter ID card, as issued by the Election Commission of India (ECI), is assigned a distinct 10-character alphanumeric code known as the EPIC number. Printed on the front face of the Voter ID card, this alphanumeric code functions as an exclusive identifier for the cardholder.

Generated upon an individual’s enrollment for a Voter’s ID, this unique set of digits serves as an identification marker. The EPIC number plays a pivotal role in averting redundant entries in the voter roster and ensures the establishment of a distinctive electoral identity for each voter. Its purpose extends across a spectrum of electoral activities, encompassing voter registration, participation in voting processes, and a range of associated services.

How Does the Voter ID Verification Process Work?

  • Obtain the required voter ID verification online form and duly complete it along with essential documents. You can also get the form offline.
  • Different forms cater to distinct requirements. Form 6, for instance, is for first-time voter registrations, while Form 8 is for correcting or updating Voter ID details.
  • After submission, document-based details undergo verification, paving the way for further steps.
  • A visit from the Booth Level Officer ensues, where in-person verification of essential details occurs at the applicant’s residence.
  • Matching details result in successful verification, followed by the issuance of the Voter ID through postal delivery within 2 to 3 weeks.

How to Verify Voter ID Without Documents?

As we know, the Voter ID holds immense significance as an essential document. Due to a multitude of safety aspects, one cannot verify voter ID without documents. Here’s why-

Prospective applicants are required to initiate the application process for a legitimate Voter ID card through both online and offline avenues made available by the State Election Commission. Instances of ineligible individuals obtaining invalid Voter IDs have highlighted the necessity for stringent adherence to the Election Commission’s guidelines by the State Election Commission. This rule applies at every phase of the process, starting from the voter ID application submission, to verification procedures, and the eventual issuance of Voter IDs.

Within this comprehensive framework, the voter ID verification phase gains the utmost importance. It demands proper execution and depends upon the prior submission of supporting documents alongside the application form. As a result, it becomes imperative for applicants to furnish these documents during the application submission stage. 

This obligatory step ensures the successful culmination of the application process and sets the foundation for the subsequent verification process. The voter ID verification process, eventually completes the process and results in the issuance of the Voter ID, upon the thorough confirmation of the accuracy of provided particulars within the application and the legitimacy of the accompanying documents.

Here’s a list of documents required for a Voter ID Card!

State-Wise Voter ID Verification- How Is It Done?

In Indian politics, various political parties compete in elections to get the most votes. Some have used fake Voter ID cards to vote multiple times or use a single card for multiple votes, which undermines the democratic process. This highlights the need for better safeguards.

To address these issues, the Election Commission of India has taken steps to improve the reliability of Voter ID/EPIC cards. They are collecting biometric data, conducting door-to-door verification, and using advanced technology to detect fraud. These efforts aim to create a fair electoral system where everyone’s vote counts equally.

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In conclusion, the Indian democratic process, marked by the participation of numerous political parties striving for electoral success, has faced challenges in maintaining the integrity of voting through instances of counterfeit Voter ID card usage. This practice, including the casting of multiple illegal votes with a single card, has undermined the very essence of democracy. In response, the Election Commission of India has taken proactive measures to safeguard the electoral verification program’s credibility. By implementing biometric data collection, door-to-door verification, and advanced technological tools, the Commission is working diligently to fortify the authenticity of Voter ID/EPIC cards. These efforts are instrumental in ensuring that every vote carries weight, preserving the core principles of fairness and representation within India’s democratic framework.


Is an Aadhaar card valid for address proof for Voter ID?

Yes, an Aadhaar card is valid for address proof for Voter ID.

What is the meaning of EPIC in voter ID verification?

In Voter ID verification, EPIC stands for Electors Photo Identity Card. It is a 10-digit code printed on the face of the voter ID card.

Is voter ID officially a valid document?

Yes, a Voter ID is an officially valid document that is used to cast a vote.

How can an individual ascertain the status of their voter ID?

To check the progress of their Voter ID application, individuals can visit the ECI website and utilize the application number provided during the application process.

Is the verification phase a pivotal aspect of the voter ID issuance procedure?

Indeed, the significance of the verification phase lies in its role to meticulously authenticate the accuracy of the submitted application and accompanying documents. Consequently, it stands as an indispensable stage within the process of issuing a voter ID.

What is the minimum age requirement for applying for a voter ID?

Eligibility to apply for a voter ID necessitates an individual to be at least 18 years of age.

Who is responsible for conducting the verification of applicants as per ECI guidelines?

The task of personally verifying applicants in alignment with ECI procedures is undertaken by a designated Booth Level Officer. This officer physically visits the applicant's residence, engaging with both the applicant and their neighbors during the verification process.

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