How to Make Credit Card Bill Payment on Paytm?

byYashi DasLast Updated: January 24, 2024
How to do CC Bill Payment on Paytm

The Paytm mobile application not just allows you to pay utility bills or the like, but also lets you make credit card bill payments. Paytm supports both, payments from credit cards and payments of credit card bills at one place, thereby making credit transactions a convenient experience for users.

Listed below are a few reasons that users should pay their credit card bills via Paytm-

  • Credit card bill payments via Paytm are easy, simple, and secure
  • In return for making credit card bill payments, the Paytm app provides instant settlements, guaranteed rewards, and flexible payment methods to its users
  • You can use your Paytm wallet to make credit card payments through various avenues like UPI, net banking, and debit cards
  • With the Paytm app, you can set credit card bill reminders which ensure that you never miss any credit card bill payment. Paytm reminds you to make payments of your credit card bills before the due date to avoid late fee charges and eventually, help you maintain a good credit score
  • You can make credit card bill payments without worrying about your CIBIL score. Paytm allows you to make credit card payments even when the score is low
  • You can also add more than one card to your Paytm account. This way you can easily manage your credit card bill payments in one place. Paytm mobile application accepts payments for Visa, Master, Rupay, American Express/Amex, and Diner cards from almost all major banks

Credit Card Bill Payment on Paytm -Step by Step Process

Launch the Paytm application on your phone, sign in and follow the simple two-step process for making the credit card bill payments-

  • Scroll down to the ‘Recharge & Bill Payments’ section on the homepage and click on the icon for ‘Credit Card Payment’ option
  • The next screen will display a digital version of your saved credit card where you can find the option to ‘Pay Bill’
  • After clicking on ‘Pay Bill’, you will be asked to enter your bill amount and ‘Proceed’ with the payment
  • On the next screen, you will need to select the bank account from which you want to make the payment. You can also add a new card for payment. After selecting the preferred payment option, click on ‘Pay’, enter your passcode and proceed with the payment
  • Alternatively, you can also click on ‘Pay another card’ option at the bottom of the screen
  • Enter your credit card number and save it to your Paytm account. Once you enter the card number, the Paytm application automatically detects the type of card. It finds out if it is Visa, Rupay, Amex, Mastercard, etc., and the associated bank if any. Add the amount that you wish to pay and click on ‘Proceed’
  • Once the payment has been done, it will be posted to your credit card in a few minutes, depending on the card issuer. You can also avail of attractive bank offers and promo codes by paying your credit card bills on Paytm

Credit Card Bill Payment Reminders

Unlike other payment applications, Paytm offers a credit card bill reminder facility. Listed below are some of the reasons that you should opt for setting up a credit card bill payment reminder today!

  • Paytm will send you regular reminders on your registered mobile number. It reminds you before the due date so that you stay away from late or missed credit card bill payments
  • You can add all your credit cards to one place as well as set reminders for each of them or you can also delete your card anytime and disable reminders
  • Paytm allows the facility of credit card bill payment to consumers with any CIBIL scores, thereby improving your financial status & credit score
  • To make credit card bill payment on Paytm using UPI, you can go ahead with Paytm’s simple online KYC verification procedure which can be completed by submitting any identity proof such as an Aadhaar card or passport

Paytm is an all-in-one solution for your multiple credit card bill payments. While you can set reminders for all your credit card bill payments, you can also earn from various offers and rewards by making payments on the application.

Watch here: How to make CC bill payments on Paytm?


Will I be charged for making a credit card bill payment through Paytm?

No, you will not be charged for making a credit card bill payment through Paytm. You incur zero charges for making credit card bill payments. However, you will have to pay a minimal fee when you add money from a credit card to the Paytm wallet.

Can I improve my credit score?

Credit scores depend on the regularity and consistency of bill payments. Whether you miss out or make late payments, if there are frequent late or missed bill payments, then your credit score can go down. Set credit card bill payment reminders on Paytm and make regular payments before the due date to maintain a good credit score.

How to avoid credit card interest?

The credit card’s interest is calculated on the outstanding bill amount. If you make full payment before the due date, then no interest will be charged. However, if you pay the credit card bill partially, then interest on the remaining amount will be applied.

Should I pay the full amount or minimum due?

Minimum due payments only help in avoiding penalty and the interest does get charged on the outstanding bill. However, it is better to make the full payment at the earliest.

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