How Paytm is helping Team Leaders to Master the ‘Art of Selling’ with new Training Program

byPreeti VermaLast Updated: March 1, 2023

We celebrate a culture of entrepreneurship and give every Paytmer multiple opportunities to take on responsibilities to innovate new ideas, products and processes within the organization. In this, our EDC – Learning & Development (L&D) team focuses on building and maintaining the competitive talent advantage of Paytmers. It not only focuses on their individual need-based learning but also career-enhancing upskilling. 

Developing a new training program or revitalizing an old one is a big endeavor for us. We recently concluded the Art of Selling program in December 2022. The two-month extensive Virtual Instructor-led online training program was curated for the Frontline Managers of the EDC-Sales Team. 

The program was designed to make Paytmers more effective and efficient to pursue their sales goals. We believe that product knowledge is essential, but connecting with customers can make a huge difference while closing a deal.

Around 180 Team Leaders joined the training program. The Art of Selling program encouraged the EDC -Frontline Managers to take sessions and trainings on Sales Pitch including probing techniques, GIFTS, Relationship Building, Fixing Appointments and Follow-ups, Buying Signs and Closing Techniques, Objection Handling, Rate Questions, Time Management & DSR, Sourcing & Prospecting, Area mapping, Effective Hand Holding, Networking and Goal Setting, among others. 

From time to time, we provide upskilling infrastructure to Paytmers to keep them abreast with the latest market trends. We also have a learning policy in place, which reimburses a certain amount to Paytmers to upskill themselves. Our Employee Learning Reimbursement Policy compensates for any skill certification of choice. We keep on introducing several upskilling online programmes that have been conducted for Paytmers covering both functional and behavioral aspects. 

These initiatives flow from the businesses to the L&D team, so we are driving the initiatives that are needed. The process also allows Paytmers to highlight their skill gaps, and training requirements for the coming year and enables them to keep their talent competitive through learnings and training. 

We also provide other trainings like Senior Leadership Programme (AVP and above), Advanced Leadership Development Programme (GM level) and Young Leadership Development Programme for junior leaders. Our Art of Selling program was highly appreciated by all the Frontline Managers, who were a part of this. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) was above 78%.  

Embracing change, innovating, taking risks, and remaining agile is core to our culture. Our culture of innovation allows us to solve big problems using technology by developing pioneering products. 

Moving ahead, we are also planning to open up or share the outcome of the Management Orientation Program for EDC- Mid-Managers to reach to a much wider audience. We want to build the best talent pipeline in our Sales team. 

Stay connected to know more about the Management Orientation Program. 

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