The Sound of Empowerment: Our Soundbox and QR Code are Simplifying Transactions for All

byPreeti VermaSeptember 27, 2023

Being at the forefront of India’s digital revolution, we have been transforming everyday payments with our innovative QR Code and Soundbox. We have been driving financial inclusion by helping people accept the rapid shift towards mobile transactions. Our iconic products are changing the way merchants and consumers in India handle their money.

Both the Paytm QR Code and Soundbox have become household names because of their simplicity and yet powerful concept that allows consumers to make seamless and hassle-free payments in seconds. These products have made digital payments accessible to millions of people across the country, even in remote areas.

Recently, a user on X (earlier known as Twitter) tweeted how our Soundbox with its local language feature is changing the life of a simple tea seller in Bihar. “Fresh tea, boiled in a fresh earthen pot every day. Had with fresh made litti, today. Bakhtiarpur, Bihar. Do you notice 3 brands in this picture? The one most people interact with is in the centre. And now, with a soundbox, it talks in the local language as well… Changing the simple seller & consumer’s life, one transaction at a time… #payTM,” the tweet read.

Praising us and how we have become a part of everyone’s routine life, a management student, Amrat Vaar said that he is sure the next edition of Philip Kotler will include it for marketing professionals.

Another user, Sonu Devi, shared a picture of a cobbler with a Paytm QR Code and said that the growth in UPI is the result of Prime Minister Modi’s far-sightedness. “In 2017, former Finance Minister Chidambaram Saheb was making fun of UPI. UPI has become very important in the country today. This picture is the result of Modi Ji’s far-sighted vision,” the translated tweet from Hindi read.

Ensuring that no one gets left behind in the march toward a cashless future, we make sure that our iconic products cater to the needs of every segment of society. As of August 2023, the number of merchants paying subscriptions for Paytm’s payment devices has also increased to 87 lakh, a jump of 4.9 lakh devices in the month, indicating a huge expansion of technology adoption by the merchants.

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