#LifeatPaytm: We plan, discuss and have fun together! Here’s how

byPreeti VermaAugust 4, 2023

A small trip or vacation helps in refreshing the mind and boosts energy. A refreshed, energized, and enlightened mind not only contributes their best to the organisation but also helps in one’s overall development. At Paytm, we believe that work and fun go hand in hand, which helps us in building an effective work culture for Paytmers. 

We keep organising team offsites for Paytmers to help them enjoy, interact, bond, and celebrate team spirit. Recently, our Payments and Lending teams headed to Ranthambore for a three-day offsite which included everything – from discussions, and context setting to theme-based nights, dinner, adventures, and other activities. 

Let’s sneak peek into the adventure Paytmers had during the offsite!

The exotic venue, grand welcome, hugs, and more!

Post lunch, Paytmers had an FY 2023 Recap and FY 2024 Context Setting sessions, followed by Lending Annual Operations Planning (AOP), On-us AOP, and Up-close with Vijay, Bhavesh, Madhur, and Manmeet.

My wish for my Paytm: Paytmers got a chance to share what changes they wish to see in the organisation.

Day 1 concluded with a fun Bollywood Theme Gala Night and dinner.

Day 2 was all about chat and discussions. 

Paytmers enjoyed Rajasthani Folk Night on Day 2 followed by amazing dance and song performances.

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