How to Enable UPI Autopay Feature for JioSaavn?

bySurobhi BoseLast Updated: August 17, 2022
UPI Autopay for Jio Saavan

The Unified Payment Interface (UPI) Autopay technology has revolutionized India’s digital payment sector. UPI Autopay is a recurring payments solution, which was launched by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) on 22nd July 2020. One of the leading digital payments platforms in India Paytm has recently added a new feature of Paytm UPI Automatic Payments.

With the help of UPI Autopay, the users can set up an automatic monthly payment of a pre-fixed amount that will be deducted from their account on a specific date. The autopay allows users to make recurring transactions below Rs. 5,000 through UPI apps such as Paytm. Read further to know in detail about Paytm UPI autopay and UPI autopay features for JioSaavn and how to use it.

Step by Step Process to Enable Paytm UPI Autopay Feature for JioSaavn

Based on the official payment portal of JioSaavn, the online music app is now accepting @paytm, @UPI for annual or monthly autopay. Here is the step-by-step process to enable the Paytm UPI autopay feature for JioSaavn.

Step 1– Login to ‘JioSaavn’ app

Step 2– Click on ‘GoPro’

Step 3– Another page will open. Choose from the options ‘JioSaavn Pro’ or ‘JioSaavn Plus Jio Tunes’ as per your requirement and click ‘Continue’

UPI Autopay Feature For JioSaavn

Step 4– Choose the ‘Yearly’ or ‘monthly’ payment option and click on continue

UPI Autopay Feature For JioSaavn

Step 5– You will be redirected to the payment page. Click on the desired UPI option

UPI Autopay Feature For JioSaavn

Step 6– Choose the option of ‘Paytm’ and click ‘Proceed to Pay’

UPI Autopay Feature For JioSaavn

Step 7– Once the payment is completed successfully, you can enjoy the JioSaavn subscription

UPI Autopay Feature For JioSaavn

What is UPI Autopay?

The Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is a feature, which can be used by customers to set up automatic monthly payments of a fixed amount that will be deducted from their account on a particular date. It allows the customers to enable auto-debit for any recurring payments done online. The users can use this service for paying bills, avail content subscriptions, utility services, etc. The UPI AutoPay is a boon for merchants and customers as it allows the users to create UPI mandates instantly and get their monthly payments deducted automatically on authorized dates. Similarly, the merchants are also benefited by receiving timely payments from their customers.

What are the Benefits of Using UPI Autopay?

The UPI AutoPay is beneficial to the customers as it is a safe and convenient way of making recurring payments. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using UPI AutoPay:

  • An individual can automate payments easily using their existing UPI account on the UPI AutoPay enabled app.
  • Users can set recurring payments of the amount Rs.1 to Rs. 5000
  • Offers a hassle-free and secure way of initiating recurring payments
  • Setting mandated do not require paperwork or documentation
  • Helps in cashless and digital payments
  • Timely payments reduce the possibility of penalties and late fees, which is very important for any business
  • The customers can modify/pause/revoke the plan whenever required after creating a mandate

Wrapping it Up!

With the automation of bill payment, the customers can now enjoy seamless services. With the Paytm UPI Autopay, the users can now time their monthly payments and the same will be conducted automatically. Moreover, the users will be notified by the company a day before payment, so that the user can opt-out of the service if it is no longer required. To make the payment, the users can follow the above-mentioned steps and enjoy monthly and yearly subscriptions.

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