Stricter Penalties for Delayed Fine Payment: Delhi’s Response to Ignored Traffic Fines

byPriyanka JuyalLast Updated: March 14, 2024
Delhi Transport Department imposes stricter penalties on delayed fine payment

Key Highlights:

  • Delhi’s transport department toughens its stance on pending traffic challans, emphasizing road safety and rule enforcement.
  • Stringent penalties await those delaying fine payment, tackling the rising trend of disregarding online traffic violation fines.
  • Proposed changes in Delhi’s Motor Vehicles Rules target repeat offenders, possibly leading to vehicle registration cancellation.
  • E-challans and app-based systems introduced by Delhi Police enhance enforcement with photo evidence and simplified fine settlement procedures, promoting responsible road conduct.

In a bid to ensure road safety and uphold traffic regulations, the Delhi government’s transport department is preparing to take a firmer stance against individuals with pending challans. If penalised individuals continue to delay settling their fines, they may face more severe penalties. This move comes in response to a concerning trend of drivers ignoring online fines for traffic violations.

The proposed amendments to the Delhi Motor Vehicles Rules are aimed at addressing the issue of repeated negligence towards outstanding fines. Under the potential changes, individuals who consistently disregard multiple notices for unpaid fines could face significant repercussions, including the cancellation of their vehicle registration. Recent data from traffic police reveals that an astonishing 20,684 vehicles have collectively violated traffic regulations over 100 times each, yet have failed to resolve their outstanding fines.

While the finer details of these upcoming regulations are still under development, habitual traffic offenders are advised to take note of the impending changes. The envisioned measures could encompass a range of actions, from vehicle impoundment to the suspension of vehicle registration. Even more notably, certain digital transactions pertaining to vehicles, such as those carried out on the Vahan platform, could face potential interruptions as part of the stricter enforcement.

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One of the reasons for the considerable number of unpaid fines is attributed to vehicles registered in the National Capital Region. As of June 30, traffic police have issued a substantial 2,63,96,367 violation notices involving 58,81,261 vehicles. However, a staggering 2,21,56,496 of these notices have gone unattended, relating to 51,25,020 vehicles. The implementation of e-challans, a digital ticketing system, has emerged as an effective tool in addressing violators. This technology utilizes photographic evidence to substantiate claims, enabling a more efficient identification of traffic offenses such as running red lights and speeding through the deployment of cameras.

Concurrently with the e-challan system, the Delhi Police have embraced technological innovation by introducing an app-based mechanism for documenting traffic violations. This entails officers using their smartphones to capture and transmit images through the app, streamlining the process of issuing fines. Individuals who receive violation notices can conveniently settle their fines via the police website, prompted by a text notification sent to their registered mobile phones.

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The Delhi government’s proactive stance reflects its commitment to instilling greater adherence to traffic rules and promoting a safer road environment. The forthcoming regulations signify a significant step toward breaking the cycle of non-compliance and fostering responsible road behavior.

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