What is TIN? – Taxpayer Identification Number | How to Apply for TIN?

byDilip PrasadLast Updated: August 9, 2023
What is TIN

Every individual in the country is assigned different proofs of identity, denoted mainly by some unique numbers. Likewise, business enterprises of all kinds are also identified by some numbers to keep a tab on their financial activities. The TIN number is one such proof of identity. Every business organisation in the country registered under VAT (Value Added Tax) for goods and services comes under the purview of TIN. 

So, if you own a business, you must know all about TIN to avoid any penalties in future. 

What is TIN?

The TIN number’s full form is Taxpayer Identification Number. The Commercial Tax Department of all the states of India (including Union Territories) assign a TIN number to business entities registered under VAT or CST (Central Sales Tax). It is a unique 11-digit number containing the state code in the last two characters.

TIN no. is a way for the Income Tax Department of India to ascertain the authenticity of a business and monitor its inter and intra-state financial transactions. A business entity also needs to mention the TIN number on various forms and while filing income tax returns.

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Why is TIN Important?

  • TIN number is necessary for the sale and purchase of goods and services within or outside a state. 
  • It integrates the tax-related details of all businesses from different states on a unified platform. 
  • The TIN number helps get input tax credits. 
  • TIN is necessary for the smooth running of the business and its continuation.
  • Asset Identification is possible through a TIN number. 
  • TIN is mandatory to receive GST registration

How to Apply for Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Online?

Step 1: Log in or create an account for your business on your state’s VAT portal.

Step 2: Open the application form, fill it up with the information, and upload the relevant documents. 

Step 3: The Commercial Tax Department of the selected state will verify the details furnished on the application form. 

Step 4: Upon successful TIN verification online, your TIN and provisional certificate will be issued.

Note that a government official from the concerned department will also pay a visit to your business address for final verification. 

Once the tax authority collects the registration form, the state’s Commercial Tax Department allows the TIN. You can download the registration certificate for VAT and see your TIN. 

How to Apply for Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Offline?

Step 1: Fill up the application form, attach the relevant documents and send them to the facilitation centre.

Step 2: The concerned authority will verify the application. 

Step 3: Once the verification is complete, the registration certificate containing an 11-digit TIN will be issued in your business enterprise’s name.

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Document Checklist for TIN Application

Since every state assigns TIN numbers individually, they set their specific document requirements accordingly. However, following are some common documents required for TIN number registration, irrespective of the state. 

  • PAN card of business 
  • Business address proof
  • Identity proof of the applicant 
  • Address proof of the applicant 
  • Passport-size photographs (4-6)

Remember that you need to submit these documents alongside the TIN application form to complete the TIN verification. 

How to Know the TIN Application Status?

You can check the TIN application status online after 2-3 days following your application. You can do so by visiting the NSDL official website. Enter the 15-digit acknowledgement number and choose the application type on this portal. Usually, within 3 days, you will receive your acknowledgement number. 

Alternatively, you can also know your TIN application status by calling on 020-27218080. To check your TIN application status, you can also type ‘NSDLPAN’ and the acknowledgement number and send it to 57575. 

How to Search for TIN Number?

Since the TIN proves the authenticity of a business before dealing with any company, checking the TIN number is important. To check a company’s TIN, one has to visit the state government’s website for the Commercial Tax Department, enter the TIN of the company they want to deal with, and click the ‘Search’ button. In the result, they can see the business name, licence status, address and PAN number


Like PAN, TIN also plays a vital role in making a business entity trustworthy to customers and the government. Since no business can continue its operations without a TIN number, business owners must get this number on the invoices that they raise and apply for one if they do not have one yet. It will bring more transparency and help a business to establish itself successfully.


Is TIN and TAN number the same?

TIN and TAN numbers are different. While TIN is an 11-digit number assigned to organisations, TAN is a 10-digit alpha-numeric number assigned to all parties that come under income tax.

Does every business invoice need to have a TIN?

Every registered business entity of the country needs to have a TIN (full form Tax Identification Number) for any financial transaction within and outside the state.

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