Celebrating Freedom, Togetherness, Love & Positivity at Paytm this Independence Day 

byPreeti VermaAugust 16, 2023

At Paytm, every day we celebrate the value of freedom, growth, love and togetherness. This Independence Day, it was a proud moment to witness the spirit of patriotism as we hoisted the tricolour across our office. 

Our office came alive with beautiful decor. Paytmers also graced their workstations in tricolour ethnic attire, which reflected the best of our culture. The positivity and togetherness brought in a new whiff of enthusiasm in every Paytmer. To celebrate the special day, we organised several exciting activities like decorating your workspace, tricolour in my heart and home, a freedom quiz, and more. We also asked our Paytmers to send in their entries for a tri-coloured inspired lunch. 

Here’s a glimpse of how we celebrated the Independence Day:

The office was all decked up to honour and celebrate the special day. We created a selfie point for Paytmers to capture priceless moments.

Paytmers shared pictures of their tricolour recipes – from pasta, idlis, noodles to sweets.

It was beautiful! May it be their official desk, cubical or workspace at home, Paytmers decorated it to reflect the love they have for their country. 

Revisited history: We connected virtually with Paytmers to have discussions and play quizzes. 

We salute the spirit of our Paytmers!

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