Paytm Believes Every Vote Counts, Introduces ‘Election Leave’ for Employees to Promote Participation

byPreeti VermaApril 19, 2024

At Paytm, we firmly believe that every vote counts. In a bid to champion democratic participation and reinforce the significance of voting, we have introduced a special ‘Election Leave’. The move underscores our commitment to empowering Paytmers to exercise their right to vote without any hindrances.

With elections starting from April 19, 2024, and continuing till June 1, 2024, we recognise the importance of enabling Paytmers to contribute to the electoral process. By introducing ‘Election Leave’, we are not only demonstrating our commitment to democracy but also empowering Paytmers to make their voices heard in shaping the future of our nation. Moreover, it provides a hybrid solution in a hybrid workplace where employees can choose the election day they need to take off on the basis of where they are registered to vote and not necessarily where they are tagged at the workplace.

The new policy allows Paytmers to take time off on election days to cast their votes freely and without constraints. By allowing Paytmers to fulfill their civic duty, we aim to instill a sense of civic responsibility and promote active participation in the democratic process.

In addition to encouraging voting among Paytmers, we are also actively engaging in various initiatives aimed at promoting voter awareness and education. Through strategic partnerships and advocacy efforts, we seek to contribute to a more informed and participative electorate.

As India gears up for Lok Sabha elections 2024, our ‘Election Leave’ initiative stands as a testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to fostering civic engagement and strengthening democratic values within its workforce and beyond.

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