#LifeatPaytm: Lights, Camera, Popcorn! Here’s a Look at team-building Activities at Paytm

byDilip PrasadLast Updated: August 17, 2022
#LifeatPaytm: Lights, camera, popcorn! Here’s a look at team-building activities at Paytm

A team that works well together is more effective, more productive, and also successful! And this also means building a happier and fun culture at the workplace! To make sure that Paytmers never miss an opportunity to meet and celebrate with each other, we often organise outings and other exciting activities for them to interact and have fun with each other and to boost their morale.

We resumed our offsite activities after a gap of two years due to the pandemic. This was the first time when the old and new Paytmers met, and laughed, learnt and connected with each other. Communication among team members plays an important role in Paytm’s success.

With our marketing and sales team working remotely, we planned a movie-dinner engagement for our Central Growth Marketing Team to reinforce communication and bond between them. We believe this fun and interactive activity is suitable for everyone. The company booked the entire movie theater with recliner seats, where everyone enjoyed ‘RRR’!

Here’s a look at how our Central Growth Marketing Team remained excited and productive off the field.

A team that dines together, succeeds together! Post a movie screening of RRR, the team caught up with each other over a pool side dinner.

A meal together is an excellent way for team members to share conversation, ideas, and laughter. Leveraging on these offsite engagement activities, we see this as a great medium to encourage and recognise our stellar performers.

Paytmers took up entertaining team challenges to get everyone talking, laughing and working together. This activity got everyone better acquainted, celebrated their team success, and created a springboard of enthusiasm.

Paytm believes our great teamwork is one of the key factors that is associated with its success.

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