How to Generate New ATM Card PIN?

byYashi DasLast Updated: August 17, 2022
How to Generate New ATM Card PIN

An ATM PIN is a 4-digit number that you require for transactions at an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). This PIN is initially given by the banks which the ATM card users are supposed to change and keep confidential. You can change and generate a new ATM card PIN whenever and as many times you want to. PIN stands for Personal Identification Number that is unique to each ATM card. This PIN code ensures that the card owners are carrying out the transactions and hence, they are authentic. Automated Teller Machine (ATM). PIN stands for Personal Identification Number that is unique to each ATM card. This PIN code ensures that the transactions are carried out by the card owner.

ATM Card PIN Generation

Every time banks issue a new ATM card, they share a PIN for users to log in. They advise the card owners to generate a new ATM PIN that is known only to themselves. This ensures the safety of the ATM card used for cash withdrawals or any other online transactions. One can generate an ATM PIN through several ways like SMS, net banking, or at ATMs themselves.

ATM PIN generation can be broadly classified into two groups – one is through physical paper mailers and the rest can be classified as Green PIN. Green PIN includes ATM PIN generation through SMS and net banking.

How to Generate ATM Card PIN at an ATM?

You will have to go to an ATM to generate a new ATM card PIN once the bank has sent you the temporary PIN. Below are the steps of how to generate a new ATM card PIN:

  1. Temporary ATM card PIN Code sent on Paper Mails

Banks send a sealed envelope letter containing the PIN to the account holders or card owners. It may come along with the welcome kit that contains all the bank papers like passbooks, account details, etc. Sometimes, banks send the temporary ATM card PIN code in a physical paper pin mailer separately.

ATM card users are advised to carefully note the PIN and not share it with anyone. You should then re-generate a new ATM PIN for security purposes. Follow the below steps:

  • Insert the ATM card and log in using the temporary PIN code that the bank provides
  • You will get the option either to ‘Change PIN’ or to ‘Generate New ATM PIN’
  • Banks will send an OTP (One Time Password) to the registered mobile number so as to assure that the right account holder is performing the action
  • Sometimes, you will have to enter details like an account number or mobile number that is registered with the bank
  • Once the request is verified, you can create the 4-digit PIN and you may be asked to re-enter the new ATM card PIN to confirm
  • Now, your ATM PIN generation is complete and you can perform ATM transactions using this PIN from the next time
  1. Temporary ATM Card PIN through Green PIN sent on SMS

The other way is going paperless through Green PIN in which banks send a temporary ATM PIN code through an SMS. Banks are going for Green PIN for both the environmental concerns as well as for enhanced security reasons. It helps save paper and time and the bank employees are not in charge of the physical custody of the paper mailers. They either send this SMS within a few hours of giving a new ATM card or when you raise the request for a new ATM PIN generation.

Green PIN can be a temporary PIN or an OTP that may expire within a few minutes. In the case of OTP, you must raise a request while you are at an ATM and raise a request. Follow the below steps for new PIN generation:

  • Visit the nearest ATM and insert your card
  • Once you select the language in which you want the further instructions to be given, you can choose ‘Forgot/Create PIN’
  • You shall be asked to enter details like bank account number and registered mobile number. In some bank ATMs, you shall also be asked to choose between ‘Generate OTP’ or ‘Validate OTP’. Choose ‘Generate OTP’ in this case
  • Once you are verified, an OTP is sent to your registered mobile number
  • Enter the OTP, post which you will get the option to create a new PIN of 4 digits. Sometimes, you may have to enter the OTP and choose the option for ‘Validate OTP’ to proceed further
  • Create and confirm the new PIN and use the same for the next transactions

Note: Green OTP is only for one-time usage with a maximum of 3 attempts. If it fails, then the OTP will expire after 3 attempts and you will have to go to your bank branch for OTP or PIN

How to Generate ATM Card PIN through Internet Banking?

You need to have activated internet banking for your bank account for ATM PIN generation through net banking. You can either log in to the net banking website or the mobile application and follow the steps as explained below:

  • Once you login to your net banking portal, you should find the section ‘Change/Reset/Generate PIN’ for your cards
  • You will be prompted to enter the existing PIN and if you have received a temporary PIN from the bank, you can use the same as the existing one. Then, enter the new PIN and re-enter it to confirm. Sometimes, you may also have to answer certain security questions
  • An OTP may be sent to your registered mobile number to ensure that no other person is trying to generate the ATM PIN in an unauthorized way
  • Once the OTP is validated, your new PIN is generated
  • When no temporary PIN is received by you, you can simply generate a new ATM card PIN by going to the ‘Generate PIN’ section and verifying the OTP received on your mobile

To Conclude:

You must generate a new PIN after you receive an ATM card and a temporary PIN from the bank. This enhances safety as the new PIN is known only to yourself. You must also change it over a period of time for security purposes so that if someone has got to know the PIN accidentally cannot misuse the ATM card. All cash withdrawals and online transactions can be done only if you enter the correct PIN. The card may be blocked for 24 hours to prevent fraudulent activity if there are several wrong attempts. ATM PIN assures that even if the card is lost, no one can withdraw money or perform any transaction without having the PIN. However, immediately block the card if you misplace it.

Can I have the same ATM PIN as provided by the bank?
Yes, you can have the same ATM PIN for ATM transactions as provided by the bank; however, it is advised to generate a new ATM PIN that is known to you and only you. No one, not even the bank has any idea of the PIN code. Although the PIN provided by banks is safe and confidential, you must generate your new PIN.
How often should I change my PIN?
You should change your ATM PIN every 3-6 months or at least once a year. Each time you change your PIN, you may get an OTP on your registered mobile number to confirm. It should not be changed frequently but change once in a while to enhance security.
Is Green PIN safe?
Yes, Green PIN is absolutely safe. It is an initiative to Go Green to avoid paper use and also ensures safety as the PIN is sent directly to the registered mobile number without going through the postal servicemen.
Can I use my ATM card without activating the PIN?
No, you cannot use the ATM card without activating the PIN.
Can I change or generate ATM card PIN without visiting the bank?
Yes, you can change or generate the ATM card PIN without visiting the bank in multiple ways as explained above in the article. You can generate an ATM PIN through SMS, net banking, customer care, or by physically visiting an ATM where you need not go to the bank branch.
What if I don’t receive the OTP?
You may not receive the OTP due to a bad network and you can try next time. Make sure incoming messages are allowed.

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