Paytmers unite to triumph a marathon — Glimpses from the fun Sunday run

bySurbhi JainAugust 21, 2023

Bucked up with confidence, laced up in sports shoes along with matching T-shirts, Paytmers ran a mile to triumph the Inter-Corporate NCR-Corpo Jumble Marathon at Greater Noida. We also bagged three awards at the marathon including for the participation of maximum women runners, participation of maximum runners, and more.

Giving importance to wellness, we encourage Paytmers to take up activities like the corporate marathon. To ensure the fitness and enthusiasm was high, we had also organised many sessions of morning training during the weekends. 

More than 450 Paytmers participated in the marathon with a big smile, great enthusiasm and excitement. Participating in three race categories- 1 mile (1609 meter), 10Km, and 5Km, Paytmers were committed to give their best on the track. 

Here’s how Paytmers made their Sunday a super exciting and fun day by participating in the marathon.  

Paytmers reached the venue 30-45 minutes before the race start time to actively attend the Zumba Warm-up session.

Showing never giving up spirit, commitment, and discipline along with a healthy mind and body, Paytmers were enthusiastic on the race track.

Smile, memories, and team spirit! As most of the Paytmers registered and joined the marathon for the very first time, sharing their thoughts and experience they said, “It gave a start to our fitness journey. We have never experienced any such event with so much energy. Thank you Paytm for giving us this opportunity.”

Sharing his thoughts on how a marathon is an opportunity, one of the Paytmers said, “The marathon is an opportunity for redemption. Opportunity, because the outcome is uncertain. Opportunity, because it is up to you, and only you, to make it happen. Thanks to Paytm for providing the proper training and facilitation for this marathon.”

We bagged several awards at the Marathon including Participation of Maximum Women Runners, Participation of Maximum Runners, and more.

The marathon was all about pushing our limits and celebrating each step forward!

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