RuPay Credit Card on UPI can transform payment industry in next few years; here’s why

bySurbhi JainSeptember 13, 2023

After pioneering digital payments in the country, we have been consistent in coming up with innovative payment solutions to better customer experience and make faster transactions. Revolutionary products like Paytm Soundbox, Pocket Soundbox, Paytm Card Soundbox, Paytm Music and now linking of RuPay Credit Cards on UPI for everyday payments have kept us at the forefront of driving innovation and enhancing customer convenience.  

Paytm UPI, powered by Paytm Payments Bank, continues to be a leader in UPI. With the introduction of UPI payments through RuPay Credit Card, it has crossed yet another milestone in bringing best features to consumers.

Everyday payment through RuPay Credit Cards on UPI has made payment easier than ever before as it allows customers to use credit while making regular payments instead of a usual case of paying from their savings account. Now one can make instant and secure UPI payments even using a credit card.  

In fact, we believe that in the next few years, the payment space will be dominated by RuPay Credit Card on QR Code with Paytm leading merchant acquirer space. 

“We are the acquirer, we are working with NPCI to make sure we are enabling more merchants to accept RuPay credit cards on Paytm QR code. We are the biggest acquirers at this point in time but it’s an early stage. We are also working with users to link users on the app. We are also working with SBI and will have more partners coming in further. If you take a two-three years view, the space will be dominated by Rupay Credit Cards on QR codes because India needs a credit product which is very easily accepted across millions of merchants and QR is accepted across 40-50 million of merchants,” 

Bhavesh Gupta, President and Chief Operating Officer during the launch of Paytm Music Soundbox and Paytm Pocket Soundbox

Merchants can enable RuPay Credit Card payment acceptance through their Paytm Business App. Moreover, using Rupay Credit Card will benefit customers with more reward points, maintain bank balance and earn more interest on it. Besides, there is no need to enter CVV or OTP using this paytm product. Simply select your credit card, enter your UPI PIN and that’s it. This also eliminates the need to carry cards everywhere and boosts digital payments. 

“RuPay is the most sought after card right now. This has a killer use case. Most of the time we used to think it was cashback points or reward points but customers loved the product, there is tremendous amount of excitement in people picking RuPay Credit Card and numbers are amazing. It is the biggest differentiator of card networks,”

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder and CEO during the launch of Paytm Music Soundbox and Paytm Pocket Soundbox. 

Credit card payments using QR code became a possibility after the Reserve Bank of India allowed UPI apps to add credit card accounts as a payment option for scanning a QR code in April. 

Recently this year, Paytm partnered with SBI Card to launch co-branded RuPay Credit Card and further boost credit inclusion in the country. As a Welcome Benefit, customers can enjoy exclusive privileges worth up to ₹75,000 with a complimentary Paytm First Membership that also includes OTT platform membership, flight tickets discounts through our app.

To link your RuPay Credit Card on Paytm:

  1. Tap the top left corner of the Paytm home page
  2. Scroll to find “UPI & Payment settings”
  3. You will then find the option that says “Link RuPay Credit card on Paytm UPI” in “Other Settings”
  4. Select your bank name
  5. Eligible Credit Card(s) will appear automatically
  6. If you have not set a UPI PIN, you can create one with your Credit Card details. Once done, tap on Proceed.
  7. Enter 6 digit OTP received on your linked mobile number
  8. You can now set a 4/6 digit UPI PIN and start making payments right away!

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