How to Check UPI Transaction Status?

byYashi DasLast Updated: August 17, 2022
How to Check UPI Transaction Status

When you make payments or receive money from anybody, it becomes vital to keep a track of your transactions in order to maintain your financial wellbeing. Having a financial passbook helps to maintain a record of credited and debited amounts and allows you to track all kinds of expenses and investments.

At times, you may need to check the details of a particular money transfer or ensure the status of a UPI transaction status, after making the payment. With the ease and comfort that it offers, UPI has significantly made online payments far more speedy and convenient, which answers for the increasing use of UPI transactions.

When you make financial transactions, it becomes important to track their status so as to ensure that the money has reached the receiver. For this, you need to check the UPI transaction status. Let’s find out how you can do so on the most widely used UPI payment application – Paytm!

How to check UPI Transaction Status on Paytm?

Although the UPI transaction status is displayed right after the UPI payment, you can always check it later in the payments history. Follow these simple steps to check UPI transaction status on the Paytm app-

  • Login to your Paytm application
  • On the homepage, you will the option of ‘Passbook‘ under the ‘My Paytm’ section
  • The next screen that opens will show your detailed ‘Account Balance & History’
  • You can scroll down to check the ‘Payment History’ of your recent transactions
  • Here, you can also opt to filter the transactions on the basis of the bank account, status (whether successful, pending, or failed), and type of transaction (whether paid or received)
  • To check the details of a particular transaction, simply click on the transaction
  • The next screen that appears will display the amount of transaction, transaction status, time of the transaction, and the Order ID
  • To find out more details about the transaction, you can click on the option ‘View Order details’
  • Here, you will also find the option to contact 24*7 customer service for any queries such as the transaction status, any suspicious activity, or if you have sent money to the wrong account. You can also report a cashback issue
  • You can report your problem with the Retrieval Reference Number (RRN). It is a unique UPI transaction ID or its reference number to identify a particular transaction. It is also known as UTR (Unique Transaction Reference). To file you can also give a call at 0120-4456-456 to get your queries resolved with Paytm’s customer support

What is UPI Transaction Status?

As evident from the term, UPI transaction status determines the status of the UPI transaction. The UPI transaction status states whether the UPI payment is uninitiated, in process, completed, or failed. You can also see the phone number and the UPI ID of the receiver and confirm that you have sent it to the right person. You can check the bank account from which the money will be debited. Each UPI transaction ID is unique and specific to the particular transaction. You can use your UPI transaction ID check to verify the status of the payment.

UPI Transactions with Paytm

Paytm provides a seamless experience of making UPI payments. With 24×7 assistance and the high success rate, the UPI transaction status as displayed on the Paytm app helps in confirming whether the payment is successful or pending and whether the amount is received by the payee. Once the transaction is complete, Paytm notifies the user of its status, whether it is successful or failed along with the UPI transaction ID/reference number. Alternatively, you can also track the records of all of your money transfers on the Paytm app.

Wrapping it up:

UPI enhances the payment experience by facilitating instant, direct inter-bank transfers without any need to add the account details of the recipient. With the ability to check the UPI transaction status on the Paytm app, users can rest assured of the safety of their UPI transactions. The user can also easily raise a ticket with Paytm’s 24*7 customer support if he/she is facing a problem. Moreover, the user’s history of transactions also allows them to keep a record of credits and debits in their account.

What is RRN and how does it help in checking the UPI transaction status?
RRN is a unique 12-digit number to identify a particular transaction. It is basically the transaction ID or a reference number using which the transaction status can be tracked. You can do a UPI transaction ID status check using this transaction ID/reference number.
What happens if the money is debited but the UPI payment is not received?
If the money is debited but the UPI payment is not received, it is usually refunded in a short time (about an hour). If not, then you can reach out to Paytm’s 24X7 Help support. Paytm users can rest assured that the UPI payment failure would only be owing to the poor internet connection, low balance, or other such reasons.
What to do if a UPI transaction fails multiple times?
This is not what usually happens with Paytm UPI payments but if the problem persists, check for stable internet connectivity. Check if the receiver’s mobile number/UPI ID is correct. Also, sometimes banks’ servers are down or they do not allow transactions. You can still reach out to Paytm Help or contact the bank for further assistance.

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