Paytm launches ‘Booking for Female’ feature to elevate travel experience, provide comfortable booking

byPreeti VermaLast Updated: March 18, 2024

We have launched an innovative feature ‘Booking for Female’ for the bus booking process. This service aims to equip women travellers to select buses by referring to the recommendations from other female travellers and making informed choices with trustworthy information.

The ‘Booking for Female’ service introduces distinctive features to elevate travel experiences for women. These innovations aim to empower women travellers with secure, informed, and comfortable booking.

  • ‘Bus Ratings’: Gathered solely from female passengers, these ratings empower women to choose based on insights from like-minded travelers.
  • ‘Most Booked by Female’ Tag: Highlights buses frequently chosen by women, guiding female users towards popular and vetted options.
  • ‘Female Favorite’: Prioritises buses according to female user bookings, ensuring easy access to preferred travel options.
  • ‘Most Selected by Females’ Tag: Illuminates favored boarding and dropping points, ensuring convenience in travel logistics.

“At the forefront of mobile payments and QR technology, we proudly introduce a feature uniquely designed for women travelers. This development highlights our approach to understanding user needs and leveraging technology to craft innovative solutions. By prioritizing convenience and comfort, we underline our dedication to enhancing travel experiences, showcasing our commitment to harnessing insights and technology to meet the specific demands of travelers, particularly women, on their journeys.” 

– said Paytm spokesperson 

We are the first online travel aggregator (OTA) to introduce this service. All tags and ratings are derived solely from information collected or inputted by female travelers. The primary objective is to provide users with insights into the preferences and choices of female travelers on specific routes.

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