Online Mobile Recharge- Simple way to do it!

Online Mobile Recharge

There are millions of people who prefer to recharge their mobile phones digitally without leaving their comfort zone. They prefer it because a digital mobile recharge eliminates the need to visit the nearby recharge centre. Apart from this, online mobile recharge offers numerous benefits in the form of cashback, discounts, rewards, etc. to the users.

Paytm, with its more than 350 million active users, offers its users an ultimate game-changing experience every time they do a recharge. Continue reading the blog to learn how Paytm is the one-stop solution for all your mobile recharge needs and how you can recharge your mobile phone within minutes, that too anytime and from anywhere!

Online Mobile Recharge from Paytm Website

Right now, if you are using a computer or a laptop, you don’t need to get up and look for your mobile phone to recharge your mobile. Simply follow the steps given below to recharge your mobile phone-

  • Sign up to the Paytm website
  • Click on ‘Recharge and Pay Bills’
  • Next, click on ‘Prepaid’, the mobile operator along with the circle will reflect on the screen automatically
  • Enter the mobile recharge amount or browse all the plans given by the respective operator
  • Now, either click on ‘Fast Forward’ or ‘Proceed to Pay Bill’. When you choose the fast forward option, the amount will be deducted from the Paytm wallet whereas proceed to pay bill provides different options to choose from to pay the bill

Online Mobile Recharge from Paytm Application

Networks are perfect but you are not able to stream your favourite show? Maybe your prepaid plan has expired. No worries, hold your mobile phone and follow the given instructions-

  • Open the Paytm mobile application
  • Click on the ‘Recharge & Bill Payments’
  • Click on ‘Mobile Recharge’ and then on ‘Prepaid’
  • Either enter a mobile number or browse the number from the contacts
  • Next, choose the plan given by the operator or enter the amount to recharge the mobile phone
  • Click on ‘Fast forward’ or on ‘Pay’ to complete the mobile recharge. When you choose the fast forward option, the amount will be deducted from the Paytm wallet whereas proceed to pay bill provides different options to choose from to pay the bill

Features Of Paytm Online Mobile Recharge

Here’s everything that you need to know about an online mobile recharge on Paytm-

  • One can recharge his/her mobile phone either using a Paytm app or Paytm web at any time and from anywhere
  • It is easy to browse all the telecom operator’s plans on the Paytm app or on the Paytm website
  • Instant notification is sent to the user after the completion of mobile recharge
  • Users are given the flexibility to choose a mobile number directly from the contact list instead of adding a mobile number manually
  • There is the availability of auto-applied scratch cards too
  • Different payment modes are available for easy mobile recharge
  • Cashback, rewards, discounts, promo codes (t & c) are available
  • A feature called ‘Recharge Now, Pay Later’ is available to use
  • One can use ‘Fast Forward’ that deducts the amount directly from the Paytm wallet
  • Referral schemes are available on mobile recharge through Paytm


Paytm is a leading brand and thus it ensures to offer maximum convenience and comfort to its more than 350 million active users. Install the Paytm mobile application or log in to Paytm’s official website to experience the above-mentioned benefits and lots more!

Is it safe to recharge mobile online?
Yes, it is safe to recharge a mobile online as a major number of online recharge platforms provide secure payment gateways to nullify data breaches, data theft, or any malicious activity too.
Is Prepaid better than Postpaid?
Both prepaid and postpaid connections have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Prepaid plans restrict your data capacity unlike postpaid plans, which allow you to browse or use the service to its maximum. With prepaid plans, you need to make payment first and use the service later. However, when you opt for postpaid services, you use the service first and make the payment later. Apart from that, there is also a difference in the payment structure of prepaid plans and postpaid plans.
How is online mobile recharge beneficial?
Online mobile recharge benefits you with-
  • Multiple payment options
  • Easy to use app’s/web UI
  • 24*7 accessibility & assistance
  • Transparency to check and compare various telecom services
  • Availability of cashback, rewards, deals & offers
  • Secure payment gateway to make the payment
How to do prepaid online recharge?
To do online prepaid recharge, follow these steps-
  • Go to the Paytm mobile application or Paytm’s official website
  • When using the Paytm application, follow these steps- Click on ‘Recharges & Pay Bills’ > ‘Mobile’ > ‘Prepaid’ > Enter the mobile number > Enter amount > Proceed with the payment
  • When using the Paytm website, follow these steps-Click on the ‘Prepaid/Postpaid’ > ‘Prepaid’ > Enter the mobile number > Choose the operator > Enter amount > Make payment
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