How to Check UPI ID on Paytm?

Paytm UPI helps you in sending money to & from banks with a simple UPI Id and a 4-digit UPI PIN. This makes the entire process of money transfer quick, secure, as well as convenient. All you need to do to create a new UPI ID is link your bank account with your Paytm account. You can also link multiple bank accounts to your Paytm account; out of which you can choose anyone to be your primary account for all transactions. Other than sharing your UPI-linked phone number, you can also receive payments by sharing your UPI ID with the sender. Therefore, you must know how to check UPI ID on Paytm.

How to Check UPI ID on Paytm – Steps to follow:

You must share the right UPI Id to receive the payment in your account. It is because the UPI ID has your phone number which serves as your unique identification. The transaction may fail with the wrong UPI id/address. Also, the payment may happen to the wrong account. Therefore, ensure that you share the correct UPI ID. So, here is a simple guideline to check UPI ID on Paytm in 3 ways –

1. Check UPI ID under Your Username in the Profile Menu

Open the Paytm application on your phone, and go to your profile by clicking on your profile picture.


Your profile details will then pop up. You will be able to see your UPI ID beside your profile photo and under your profile name.


2. Check UPI ID in the ‘Your Accounts’ Section of the Profile Menu

Although you can view your UPI ID most easily as explained above, you can check it in alternative ways as well. One of them is to check UPI ID by scrolling down the profile menu to go to the ‘Your Accounts’ section. Then, click on it to see your UPI ID in the UPI section under it and check the linked bank accounts.

3. Check UPI ID in the ‘Settings’ Section of the Profile Menu

You can also view your UPI ID in the ‘Settings’ tab by following the guidelines as explained in the next few steps –

  • Under the ‘Payment Settings’ section, you will now find a subsection under the head ‘Saved Cards & Bank Accounts’. This the details of all your credit and debit cards that you add. It also saves the bank account details that you link


  • Your UPI ID will be mentioned in the same section, under the head, ‘Linked Bank Accounts’


Therefore, you can check your UPI ID on Paytm anytime and anywhere. You can also share your UPI ID with payers to receive instant payments into your bank accounts through various social media options such as Whatsapp, Instagram, or SMS. Paytm offers a hassle-free process to check the UPI ID that eventually saves you a lot of time.

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