Everything You Need To Know About Indane Gas New Connection, Cylinder, Price and Online Booking

byMrinal MandalLast Updated: March 13, 2023

Indane Gas is one of the biggest cooking gas providers in our country. More than 16 crore Indian households receive cooking gas from Indane alone. Having said that, you should not be surprised if the cooking gas cylinder at your home is also provided by Indane Oil Corporation. If you are looking for a new price connection and want to know about its price, LPG prices etc., then you have come to the right place.  Here you will find out everything that you need to know about Indane Gas. 

There are four different types of gas cylinders provided by Indane Gas- 5 litres, 14.2 litres, 19 litres and 47.5 litres. Here we are going to talk about the 14.2 litres cylinder bottles which are mainly used for domestic purposes. Let’s check the prices for a new Indane connection in the section below.

Indane Gas- New Connection Prices

The prices for a new Indane Gas connection is categorised into two categories. The security deposit for the 14.2 litres cylinder in all the states except the North Eastern states is INR 1450 and the security deposit for the pressure valve is INR 150. Whereas in the 7 states of the North Eastern Region, the security deposit for a cylinder is INR 1150 and for the pressure regulator it is INR 100. There are some other costs such as the new connection installation and demonstration charges and administrative costs for issuing DGCC which are INR 118 and INR 59 respectively. 

LPG Gas Prices in Different Cities 

The prices of the LPG gas has been tabulated below: 

City LPG Price (August 2021)
BengaluruINR 862.50
BhubaneswarINR 886.00
ChandigarhINR 894.00
ChennaiINR 875.50
GurgaonINR 868.60
HyderabadINR 912.00
JaipurINR 863.50
KolkataINR 886.00
LucknowINR 897.50
MumbaiINR 859.50
New DelhiINR 859.50
NoidaINR 857.50
PatnaINR 983.00
TrivandrumINR 869.00

How to Get a New Indane Gas Connection?

There are more than 5,500 Indane Gas distributors in India. If you want to get a new Indane Gas connection, then you must visit your nearest Indane Gas distributor with a valid ID and address proof. Once you have applied for a new connection, you will receive an intimation letter through a registered post. Carry that letter with the envelope to the distributor and the Indane Gas connection will be immediately released to you. 

Which Documents are Required for a New Indane Gas Connection?

You need to carry an ID proof and one address proof for applying for a new Indane Gas connection. Here is the list of documents that you can use as ID proof and address proof. 

Documents for identity proof

  • Aadhar card
  • Driving license
  • PAN card
  • Passport copy
  • Voter’s ID card

Documents as proof of residence:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Copy of Passport
  • Credit Cards or Bank Statement
  • Driving License
  • Flat Allotment
  • House Registration Document
  • Lease Agreement
  • LIC Policy
  • Ration Card
  • Self-Declaration Attested by a Gazetted Officer
  • Telephone, Water, or Electricity Bill
  • Voter’s ID Card

GST Rule and Its Effect on Domestic Cooking Gas

GST or Goods and Services Tax(GST) was introduced in our country on 1 July 2017. Taxes under GST have been 0%, 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28% GST. All the domestic LPG cylinders fall under the 5% tax bracket and therefore, the final price of your cooking gas also includes the GST in it. However, when you have already exhausted your 12 subsidised cylinders a year, you will have to pay 18% GST after that on every cylinder. 

Many states were not taxing on cooking gas before the introduction of GST. Therefore, domestic cooking was tax-free before but since there is GST in this country, you are also paying a tax on every LPG cylinder that you buy. 

At Last

Indane Gas is one of the biggest cooking gas providers in India, serving more than 16 crores of households. It provides four different types of cylinders – 5 litres, 14.2 litres, 19 litres and 47.5 litres. You can get your new Indane Gas connection, just visit the nearest Indane Gas distributor with an ID proof and an address proof.

Que. Can I get gas connections from two different gas companies?
Ans. You can apply for a gas connection at more than one gas company; however, you can get a connection only from one gas company.
Que. Can I book an Indane gas cylinder online?
Yes, you can book an Indane Gas cylinder online. Visit the Indane Gas booking page on Paytm, select your booking type value, enter the details and click on Proceed to book an Indane gas cylinder on Paytm.
Que. Can I cancel a new gas connection application online?
Yes, you can cancel your new Indane Gas connection application online on Indane Gas’ portal. However, if you have made any payments then you will have to visit your nearest distributor to get a refund.

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