A Comprehensive List of RTO Offices in Nagpur: Addresses, Timings, and Phone Numbers

byDilip PrasadLast Updated: August 31, 2023
RTO Offices in Nagpur

Nagpur, the “Orange City” of India, is a bustling metropolis in the state of Maharashtra. If you are a resident of Nagpur or planning to relocate there, understanding the functions and locations of the Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) is essential. RTOs are responsible for various transport-related services, including vehicle registration, driver’s licenses, permits, and more. To assist you in navigating these services effectively, we have compiled a comprehensive list of RTO offices in Nagpur, along with their addresses, timings, and contact numbers.

RTO Offices in Nagpur – A Closer Look at the Information

Services Provided by RTO Offices in Nagpur

Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) in Nagpur offer a range of services related to vehicle registration, driver’s licenses, permits, and other transport-related matters. Here are the key services provided by RTO offices in Nagpur:

  • Vehicle registration: RTOs facilitate the registration of new vehicles and the transfer of vehicle ownership. Vehicle owners must register their vehicles with the RTO to obtain a registration certificate, commonly known as the RC book. This document serves as proof of ownership and includes important details about the vehicle, such as the registration number, engine number, chassis number, and other relevant information.
  • Driving licenses: RTOs are responsible for issuing driving licenses to eligible individuals. They conduct driving tests to assess an applicant’s driving skills and knowledge of traffic rules and regulations. Once the test is successfully cleared, the RTO issues a driving license, which allows individuals to legally operate motor vehicles on the road.
  • Permits for commercial vehicles: RTO offices in Nagpur also handle the issuance of permits for commercial vehicles. Different types of permits are available, such as goods carriage permits, contract carriage permits, stage carriage permits, and national permits. These permits authorize commercial vehicles to ply on specified routes and ensure compliance with legal requirements.
  • Road tax collection: RTOs are responsible for the collection of road tax, which is a mandatory tax levied on vehicles. Vehicle owners are required to pay road tax to the RTO based on factors such as the type of vehicle, engine capacity, and purpose of use. Road tax is an important source of revenue for the government and contributes to the maintenance and development of road infrastructure.
  • Learner’s licenses: RTOs issue learner’s licenses, which allow individuals to practice driving under supervision. Learner’s licenses are granted to applicants who have not yet obtained a permanent driving license. It allows them to gain driving experience while adhering to certain restrictions, such as being accompanied by a licensed driver.
  • Fitness certification: RTO offices conduct inspections to ensure the roadworthiness and compliance of vehicles. They issue fitness certificates to vehicles that meet the prescribed safety and emission standards. Fitness certification is necessary for the renewal of registration and indicates that the vehicle is fit for use on public roads.
  • Duplicate documents: In case of loss, theft, or damage to important documents like driving licenses, registration certificates, or permits, RTOs facilitate the issuance of duplicate documents. Vehicle owners can apply for duplicate documents by submitting the necessary forms and fulfilling the prescribed requirements.

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Being aware of the Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) in Nagpur, their addresses, timings, and contact numbers can greatly simplify your interaction with transportation-related services. Whether you require a new driving license, vehicle registration, or any other RTO-related service, this comprehensive list will serve as a helpful reference. Remember to check the official websites or contact the respective RTO office for the latest information and any specific requirements related to the service you need.


What is an RTO office?

RTO stands for Regional Transport Office. It is a government department responsible for various transport-related services, including vehicle registration, issuance of driving licenses, permits, collection of road tax, and more.

How many RTO offices are there in Nagpur?

Nagpur has 3 RTO offices to cater to the transport-related needs of its residents.

What services are provided by RTO offices in Nagpur?

RTO offices in Nagpur offer services such as vehicle registration, issuance of driving licenses, permits for commercial vehicles, road tax collection, fitness certification, issuance of duplicate documents, and more. These services are essential for vehicle owners and drivers to ensure legal compliance and road safety.

What are the working hours of RTO offices in Nagpur?

Generally, RTO offices in Nagpur operate from Monday to Friday between 9:30 AM and 6:30 PM.

How can I contact an RTO office in Nagpur?

Each RTO office in Nagpur has a designated phone number through which you can contact them. The phone numbers are typically available on the official websites of the respective RTO offices. You can call the RTO office directly to inquire about specific services, document requirements, or any other related queries.

Can I visit any RTO office in Nagpur for vehicle registration or other services?

The RTO office you need to visit for vehicle registration or any specific service depends on the jurisdiction and the location of your residence or business. It is advisable to visit the RTO office assigned to your area or check the official website to determine the correct RTO office for your requirements.

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