How to check E-Challan Status Online

How to Check E-Challan Status

Traffic rule violation is, unfortunately, very common in our country. Whether it is overspeeding, ignoring traffic signals or any other violation, it is quite common for the drivers in the country to have a challan issue against their name.

Do you also have a challan issued to you that you want to check? Or do you just want to check the status of the e-challan payment that you made earlier? Irrespective of the reason for which you want to check e-challan status, you can do it online. This guide will help you with that.

How to Check E-Challan Status?

Whenever there is a challan issued to you, you will receive an RTO Challan SMS and e-mail on your registered phone number and email address. However, there might be situations where you could have missed the SMS or the e-mail. In such cases, you can check your e-challan status online. Here is how you can do so-

  • Go to the official website of ‘E-Challan Parivahan’

  • Click on ‘Check Online Service’ on the service bar menu

  • Click on ‘Check Challan Status’ from the drop-down menu

  • Enter your details to check the challan status. You can choose Challan Number or Vehicle Number or DL Number

  • Enter the Captcha and click on ‘Get Detail’ to check your challan status online

This whole process is quite easy and will hardly take a minute or two of your time.

How to Check E-Challan Amount Online?

Apart from the E-Challan Parivahan’s website, you can check your challan amount online using the Paytm website and/or Paytm mobile application. Follow these simple steps to check the e-challan amount now-

On Paytm Website-

  • Go to the Challan Bill Payment page on Paytm

  • Select the Traffic Authority

  • Enter the required details such as Challan Number/Challan ID, Vehicle Number etc.

  • Click on ‘Proceed’ to check the challan amount

On Paytm Mobile Application-

  • Open Paytm mobile application on your mobile

  • Click on ‘Recharge & Pay Bills’

  • Scroll down to find ‘Challan’ & click on it

  • Select the ‘Traffic Authority’

  • Enter the required details such as Challan Number/Challan ID, Vehicle Number etc.

  • Click on ‘Proceed’ to check the challan amount

Note: While Paytm brings immense ease and speediness for checking the e-challan amount, it is only available for Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Faridabad, Maharashtra & Telangana traffic authorities.


You receive an SMS and an email for an e-challan issued to you, but if you aren’t able to find it anywhere in your emails or messages, you can check the e-challan status online. Follow only a few simple steps on E-Challan Parivahan’s website and you will be able to check your e-challan status. You can also check the e-challan amount online on Paytm in a much simpler way.

What are some ways to check the e-challan online?
You can check the e-challan online on E-Challan Parivahan’s website or you can the e-challan amount on Paytm.
Do I need to register on E-Challan Parivahan’s site to check the e-challan status?
No, you don’t need to register on E-Challan Parivahan’s website to check the e-challan status. Just enter the required information such as Challan Number or Vehicle Number or DL Number to check your e-challan status.
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