Fostering Leadership Excellence, Great Work Culture with Paytm Manager’s Edge Programme 

byPreeti VermaLast Updated: May 17, 2024

We believe in building strong long-lasting teams. We understand that the future of work means making work meaningful for every Paytmer. This also means encouraging them on the path to their growth, career, and self-development. With this belief that leadership is not just a role but an opportunity to make a profound impact, we are thrilled to introduce the Paytm Manager’s Edge ‘Certified People Manager Programme’. 

The programme gives an exciting opportunity to Paytmers to enhance their leadership abilities and contribute even more effectively to the growth of their team and organisation.

Our Learning and Development team has designed the Paytm Manager’s Edge programme to equip People Managers with the skills, insights, and tools necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of management in the organisation. The programme is designed to help managers leverage the full potential of their team and build a great work culture in their teams, where talent thrives. 

This Paytm Manager’s Edge programme is driven by both external facilitators with expertise in the field and internal leaders, who understand the unique dynamics of our culture. This comprehensive programme is spread across 2 weeks and includes a series of sessions delivered virtually as a people manager and a Bar Raiser for being a Paytm manager. 

Under the skilling as people manager, we are focussing on sessions like Embrace the Paradigm Shift: Understanding the Manager’s Role, Goal Setting and Constructive Feedback: Driving Performance Excellence, Unlocking Engagement Mechanisms: Building a Motivated Team and Navigating Conflict & Difficult Conversations: Effective Resolution. The external facilitator will conduct two instructor-led virtual sessions

To facilitate context and application, the skilling is followed by an internal speaker session and a Bar raiser for People Managers to help them understand their roles and responsibilities as a people manager. Also sessions on how they can act as culture catalysts: shaping our unique identity, leadership insights from senior leaders: pathways to success (by senior leaders on relevant topics like sales leadership, leading teams for profitability, etc), followed by a bonus (voluntary) digital module on ‘unconscious bias’.

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