#LifeatPaytm: A Friday filled with fun for our EDC team in Bengaluru

byPreeti VermaAugust 25, 2023

Fostering a vibrant and engaging work environment, we dedicate our Fridays to fun and relaxation. Fun Fridays unwind, connect, and rejuvenate Paytmers from their usual days. From thrilling team challenges to other exciting activities and amazing food, the day enables them to put on their enthusiastic hats and make it memorable.

In Bengaluru, we organised a day full of enjoyment and celebration for our EDC team. Along with recreational activities, we also distributed rewards and recognition to our best-performing members. This builds strong team bonding and boosts the morale of Paytmers. 

Here is how we weave the threads of fun into our work culture and create a productive environment.

When work and relaxation go hand-in-hand! Around 50 Paytmers came together and participated in several fun activities. 

Appreciation and recognition boost confidence and productivity. The day started by congratulating and awarding Paytmers, who performed exceptionally well in the previous months. 

Paytmers participated enthusiastically in the Fun Friday team-building activities. From drawing on other Paytmers’ backs to walking with balloons and passing the ball, these games were rejuvenating. Some amazing and hidden talents were also discovered during the activities.

All’s well that ends well! Post the fun activities, Paytmers enjoyed delicious food.

We offer a perfect work-life balance to Paytmers. If you too want to join us, apply here.

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