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bySharath ReddyLast Updated: November 16, 2023
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Government employee passports play a crucial role in facilitating official travel, diplomatic missions, and international cooperation. They provide government employees with the necessary credentials and privileges to represent their countries effectively and conduct official business abroad. Whether you are a government employee seeking information about your passport privileges or simply curious about this specialized category of passports, this blog will provide you with valuable insights.

In this blog, we will delve into the realm of passports specifically designed for government employees. We will explore the eligibility criteria, required documents, and the application process involved in obtaining these specialized passports.

Passport for Government Employees: A Sneak Peek

The Ministry of External Affairs has streamlined and simplified the passport application process for government employees. Unlike the regular process, government employees are required to submit an Identity Certificate (IC) or No Objection Certificate (NOC) along with a Prior Intimation (PI) letter.

The PI letter plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth application procedure by eliminating the challenges associated with obtaining NOC and IC. However, it’s important to note that there are additional essential documents required as prerequisites for applying for this specific passport. These documents may include proof of employment, a letter of recommendation, and any other relevant paperwork deemed necessary by the Ministry.

By simplifying the process and providing clear guidelines, the Ministry of External Affairs aims to facilitate the passport application journey for government employees, enabling them to obtain their passports efficiently and hassle-free.

Eligibility for Government Employee Passport

The Ministry of External Affairs considers the following government employees for the passport. These are:

  • Central Government employee
  • State Government employee
  • Public Sector Undertaking employee
  • Employees of autonomous bodies like universities (Indian Academy of Science, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, All India Institute of Medical Science, among others).

Documents for Passport Application for Government Employees 

The application process for a government employee passport is similar to other passport procedures. The major difference lies in the documentation of the application. Government employees may have to submit additional documents, other than the common ones, to get the passport. Here is the list of all the documents you need to get your government employee passport:

  • Any 2 proofs of birth from the given options – Birth Certificate/ School Leaving/Transfer/Matriculation Certificate/Aadhar Card/Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC)/Driving Licence/PAN Card
  • Any 2 residence proofs from the given options – Registered Rent Agreement/Certificate from Employer of reputed companies on letterhead/Water Bill/Income Tax Assessment Order/Telephone (landline or postpaid mobile bill)/Election Commission Photo ID card/Proof of Gas Connection/Aadhaar Card/Electricity Bill/Photo Passbook of running bank account.
  • Proof of education in the form of 10th and 12th-grade certificates.
  • Proof of marriage in the form of a marriage certificate or wedding invitation if applicable.
  • Before applying for a passport, you must submit a Prior Intimation as per Annexure H for passport for government employees. This document must be submitted to the controlling authority. It is usually issued pre-police verification. 
  • Once the authorities receive the PI, they will then issue an NOC as per Annexure G for passport for government employees. The passport NOC for government employees document is submitted post-police verification.
  • The controlling authority also issues IC under Annexure-A. If government employees receive IC from the authorities, then they can get a passport without police verification.

The police verification process is done based on the documents issued by the controlling authority at each step. You have to submit all the documents mentioned above along with any one of the documents issued by the controlling authority, i.e., IC, NOC and PI.

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The Process to Apply for a Passport for Government Employees

The application for a government employee passport is straightforward. Government employees can either apply by choosing a Regular scheme or a Tatkal scheme. Here are the steps for a successful application:

Step 1: Register or log in to the Passport Seva website.

Step 2: Locate the Tatkal or Regular Scheme option and select the “Apply for a Fresh/Re-issue of a Passport” option.

Step 3: An application form will appear; fill out the form and make the payment for the application fees.

Step 4: Select a suitable appointment slot at the nearest Passport Seva Office or RTO for further proceedings.

Step 5: Make sure to save or print your application receipt to show it on the day of your appointment.

After you follow all the steps you can expect a face-to-face interview where you submit all the documents discussed above. Depending on the documents submitted, you may or may not require a police verification for your passport. Once everything is approved, your passport will be delivered to you via the speed post facility.

Fee Structure for a Passport for Government Employees

The fees for government employee passports depend on factors like service type, applicant age, scheme type, the reason for passport renewal, and the number of pages present in the passport booklet. Here is the tabular representation of these factors and the fees associated with them:


A passport for government employees allows them to travel abroad. It is issued by the Ministry of External Affairs in a different way than general passports in India. Various documents are required for a passport for government employees ranging from NOC to IC. Depending on the documents submitted, the police verification is held accordingly. While applying, the applicant must also assess the type of plan they seek, the charges, and the booklet pages, among others listed in the table above. One must also adhere to the process mentioned above and visit the nearest Passport Office to complete the proceedings.

Can I expect police verification for the reissue of passports for government employees?
Yes, police verification will be done when re-issuing passports for government employees.
What is the validity of an Identification Certificate, NOC, or Prior Intimation issued by the passport controlling authority?
IC, PI, or NOC are required to be submitted to seek the passport for government employees. The validity for these documents is 6 months from their date of issue.
Can govenment employees apply for a passport without NOC?
Yes, govenment employees in India can apply for a passport without NOC as it’s not a mandatory document. However, it is still important for government employees to check with their application department for the NOC.

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