How to Port Mobile Number?

Is your mobile phone number troubling you? Is it usually inaccessible? Do you think the tariff package is expensive? Are you relocating and looking for a new telecom operator?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should definitely consider changing telecom providers. If you believe that changing your operator necessitates changing your phone number, you are mistaken. You can now keep your current phone number while switching to a different operator.

The process of porting a mobile number is divided into several steps, which are detailed below!

Step by Step Process on How to Port Mobile Number Operator

First, choose the telecom operator to which you want to port your mobile number. Once you’ve made your decision, proceed as follows:

Step 1– Send an SMS in the following format- PORT followed by space <Mobile number you wish to port> to 1900.

For example, the message might be something like this: PORT 9811198111> to 1900. (Remember to send SMS from the same mobile number you want to port from.) Do not use a different mobile number to port another mobile number)

Step 2- The existing mobile number operator will respond with an 8-digit UPC (Unique Porting Code) on your registered mobile number. UPC remains valid for 4 days except in Jammu and Kashmir, Assam, and the North East, where the UPC is valid for 30 days. As a result, it is best to submit the UPC to the new operator as soon as possible.

Step 3– Now, call your local service operator or go to the office/store. Submit the 8-digit UPC number as well as the documents required for mobile number portability.

Step 4– At this point, the new operator will send a request to the old operator for background verification of your mobile bill payments. It is important to note that your previous operator decides whether or not to reject or approve your request to port your mobile number. Within a week, you will be notified about the status of your request.

Step 5– After your request is approved, the new operator will send you an SMS with the time and date of the mobile SIM port process. Your mobile phone services will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours during the porting process (As per TRAI rules, the mobile number porting process should be completed within 4 days from the submission of the porting application)

Step 6– Insert the new SIM card; your phone number will be activated for the new network service.

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Who can opt to port the mobile number?

Prepaid or postpaid telecom users are eligible to port their mobile number. However, this is only possible after the user has used the old operator’s service for at least 90 days. 

Apart from this, there are a few conditions that need to be met before applying for MNP- 

  • In the case of a postpaid connection, there should be no outstanding balance
  • The Court of Law should not forbid the number
  • Any court actions should not be used to rule on the mobile number
Can I switch to a new telecom operator without changing my mobile number?
Yes, you can switch to the new operator without changing your mobile number through the MNP process.
What are the documents required to port a mobile number?

To port your mobile number Portability, you need the following documents- 

  • ID proof copy
  • Address proof copy
  • CAF (Customer Agreement Form) with UPC details
  • Last bill payment copy of the postpaid number
How to cancel a Mobile Number Portability request?

In case you want to cancel your Mobile Number Portability request, send an SMS to 1900 by writing “CANCEL” <your 10 digit mobile number> to 1900. 

Remember, you need to send the cancellation message within 24 hours of sending the number porting request from the same number. In case you miss the deadline, then you will have to use at least 90 days of the new operator’s services. 

Can I port back to my older operator network?
Yes, you can port back to the older operator’s network by using at least 3 months of services from the new operator.
How long does it take to port the number?
It takes around 7 days to port the number. However, there are operators who promise to port the number within 24 hours.
Can I use my existing prepaid amount after porting my mobile number?
You will lose all your unused prepaid balance after porting your mobile number. Hence, it is good to use all the account credit before getting started with the MNP process.

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