Paytm’s APM Programme — Hear from Paytmers on how the training gave them unparalleled exposure to product management

byPreeti VermaLast Updated: June 16, 2023

We are a product-focused company building the future of fintech in India and our Associate Product Manager (APM) programme is focused on building Paytm’s next generation of product leaders. We started our first batch of APMs last year. The full-time APMs batch underwent a six-month training and were groomed towards becoming future product leaders. 

Our tight-knit cohort of full-time APMs was groomed in two stints of three-month each in different teams. From a pool of over 100 candidates from technology backgrounds, around twenty-four participants from B-School graduates were selected from across the country.

During this programme, these young talents were given opportunities to build impactful products across our businesses and grow in their professional journeys at Paytm. They were given support to learn through hands-on experience and mentorship. Let’s hear it from them:

“APM programme was a beautiful journey which led to great exposure. Working on multiple projects in different stints, which were time-bound and had multiple systems, involved exposure to Paytm’s multiple businesses and increased adaptability to fast-paced development. Now, working on cross-team features has become easier due to exposure to multiple systems.” – Deepthi

“The programme is truly unique in the sense that one can do 2 stints and develop a broad perspective on Paytm’s workings along with better networking and skill development opportunities in a compressed time frame. Projects are often 0-1 and curated to be impactful yet short. Not to forget the access to guidance by leadership, or events to ensure cohesion between participants or even periodic check-ins to remove roadblocks a participant may otherwise face.” – Prabhjot 

“As they say, you learn at Paytm in a month, what you would learn in other organisations in a year. The 6-month APM journey at Paytm has been pleasantly overwhelming, where you are thrown into deep waters at first and with the guidance of the industry leaders among peers, you successfully swim out of it has impacted millions of users. The projects I worked on were super impactful, relevant and kept me on my toes and stretched my skills to the end. What I liked most about the programme was the ownership given to me right from the start in each of the projects, even though I had just passed out of IIM Calcutta and had no prior Product Management experience.” – Abhishek Majumdar

“The APM programme gave me exposure to work in two different industries in the early stage of my career. I am glad I could build features for the customers and understand the entire process of problem identification, ideation, feature development and hypothesis validation. This helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses so that I can work on getting better with each experiment. I worked on both B2C and B2B products.” – Muskan

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