Launching Paytm Xtras for exclusive discounts – Committed to Paytmers well-being & Happiness

byPreeti VermaNovember 24, 2023

As a testament to our unwavering commitment to the well-being of our employees, we have introduced Paytm Xtras – the ultimate destination for exclusive corporate discounts that cater to various aspects of their lives. 

With Paytm Xtras, we aim to ease the personal life of Paytmers by bringing a little extra joy with amazing discount offers. Paytmers can avail discounts in several categories including hospitals, schools, food & beverages, retail stores, consumer durables, and more. 

Health is Wealth

The well-being of Paytmers is of utmost importance to us. We organise webinars with healthcare professionals under Paytm Swasthya and encourage participation in marathons and other sporting events. With Paytm Xtras, this has taken on additional support in the form of access to discounted healthcare services at various renowned hospitals across the country.

From local gyms and wellness centers to routine check-ups, specialised treatments, room rent, and home care services, we have got health coverage for Paytmers with discounts on a range of hospital services with just a simple step of carrying and displaying their company ID card.

Nurturing Future

Paytmer’s families are equally important to us. We have already enhanced our existing Child Daycare Policy for female employees, single parents, and same-gender couples under which we are offering a list of daycare centers near Paytmers’ home or the office and cover the expenses for the same. To help Paytmers manage their work-life better, under Paytm Xtras, we are now offering discounted tuition and other fees. 

Dine and shop smart

With exclusive discounts at a variety of restaurants and eateries, Paytm Xtras ensures Paytmers enjoy dining with their family, friends, and colleagues at reduced rates. Making every moment memorable, Paytmers can avail discounts at Pizza Hut, KFC, Starbucks, Bikanervala, etc. The deal can be availed via the Gift Voucher (GV) section in the Paytm app.

Similarly, Paytmers get access to great deals and special offers at several lifestyle brands both online and offline. They can avail these discounts via the GV section in the Paytm app. 

We are committed to Paytmers beyond the workplace and this program enables our employees to enjoy with their friends and family. To make Paytm Xtras more beneficial for them, we will keep growing and adding more categories and discounts.

Join Paytm and keep growing with us!

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