The Ultimate Guide to Paytm’s Rewards and Recognition Programme

The Ultimate Guide to Paytm’s Rewards and Recognition Programme

Paytmers are an important part of our company’s mission, and we value them as important contributors to our success and scale. Therefore, appreciating and encouraging our talented employees is something that we have been practicing since day one. We believe that engaged, happy employees demonstrate higher levels of energy, passion, and collaborate with other functions to achieve organizational and business goals.

As part of Paytm’s Accolades programme we have designed several kinds of rewards and recognition to acknowledge top performance and high achievers. From personalized gifts to tokens of appreciation celebrated with everyone and other rewards, Paytmers are felicitated for every effort they put in. We also recognize these winners company-wide through our monthly newsletter, shared with the entire Paytm community with pictures and citations of the winners.

Rockstar of the Month

Usually awarded monthly to those rockstars who show extraordinary achievement demonstrating Paytm’s core values of trust, ownership, speed and accountability. These are winners who have excelled in their respective domain. We reward these winners with a plethora of goodies including merchandise, a congratulatory note, and Paytm App vouchers, which is home delivered in a personalized packaging.

Rising Star of the Month

We recognize our rising stars, new joiners who have already demonstrated performances worth taking a note of. Rising Stars are those who have successfully ramped up on the organisation’s culture, systems, and people, and have navigated effectively to show early performance within the first six months of joining the organization. Paytm gives kudos to those who shine bright early on with custom goodies and attractive vouchers.

Hall of Fame

Paytmers, who contribute with their outstanding performance in a particular quarter, are recognised as Hall of Fame stars. These winners are not only consistent but have also brought significant impact to the business. They exceed their KRAs with their superlative achievements and are rewarded with personalized Hall of Fame Mementos, a congratulatory note, Paytm App vouchers, chocolates, and more – home delivered in personalized packaging.

Champion of the Month

Paytm not only appreciates on-roll employees, but also values its off-roll players. We believe that a champion is someone who shines above others with their work achievements and helps in making the company stronger. We seek to appreciate and recognize Off-Roll champions’ contributions with awards such as The Champion of the Month. The recipients of this award demonstrate commitment, high performance in their respective domain, and speed. These champs (part of our off-roll ecosystem) are rewarded by their project managers.

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