Bharat Series Number Plate in India

bySharath ReddyLast Updated: March 13, 2024
BH number plate

The Government of India introduced the Bharat Series number plates to bring uniformity to the vehicle registration process all over the country. Vehicle owners possessing this number do not have the obligation to transfer their vehicle registration if they relocate from one state to another. The introduction of the BH series number plate has been a game changer and the ultimate solution for those who often have to relocate because of their job. 

Bharat series number plate or BH number plate helps one avoid the cumbersome task of re-registering one’s vehicle after moving to a new state. Besides making the vehicle registration process seamless, it curbs the issues of duplication of numbers.

What is the BH Series Number Plate?

BH number plate full form is Bharat Number plate. It was officially launched in 2021. One of the primary purposes behind launching the number plate is to simplify and streamline the vehicle registration process for individuals who have to keep relocating for work commitments. It enables working professionals (who have transferable jobs) to travel across the country seamlessly without undergoing the hassles of re-registrations.

Features OF BH Series Number Plate

The Bharat number plate comes with the following compelling features: 

  • It applies only to the non-transport vehicle. The number plate is valid all across the country. 
  • Non-transport vehicle owners with BH series number plates can avoid undergoing the vehicle re-registering process while shifting to a new state. This helps to save a lot of time. 
  • In case of any mishap like theft or an accident, the BH series number plate makes it convenient for the authorities to identify the vehicle’s owner. 

The Bharat series registration is implemented to streamline and standardise the vehicle registration process. This led to unification across the registration process in India, which will further prove effective in preventing corruption, duplicates and many other issues related to the registration process.

What are the Eligibility Criteria of BH Series Number Plates?

Applicants have to abide by the eligibility criteria while applying for the Bharat series number plate:

  • Road tax payment of the vehicle must be cleared. 
  • The vehicle must have a PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate

The following group of individuals are allowed to make an application for the Bharat series number plate.

  • Bank employees
  • State and central government employees
  • Administrative services employees
  • Individuals who are working in a private company that has branches in more than five states. 

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How to Get a BH Series Number Plate?

You can apply for the BH series number plate either by logging into the MORTH’s Vahan portal or from the authorised automobile dealer. 

Step 1: If you are taking the assistance of the dealer, the dealer will complete writing Form 20 on your behalf on the Vahan portal. 

Private sector employees whose offices are present in more than four states or UTs have to submit Form 60. They also have to provide their employment ID and work ID. 

The state authorities will scrutinise the eligibility of the vehicle’s owner. You have to choose the ‘BH’ type. 

Step 2: The ‘BH’ series type is chosen during the application. Go ahead and submit the necessary documents, such as Form 60, a copy of the official ID card, etc. 

Step 3: The Regional Transport Office (RTO) will approve the BH series.

Step 4: Make sure to clear the required payment/ MV tax. 

Once you have successfully completed the steps, the BH series registration number gets generated in a random order. 

Fees for BH series number plate

The fees for BH series number plates vary as per the vehicle’s price. The table below highlights the cost of the Bharat series number.

It is important to note that there is an additional charge of 2% for diesel vehicles and a 2% reduction for electric vehicles. 

Private vehicle owners pay road tax payments every 2 years or every 4, 6 or 8 years (multiples of 2). 

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the BH Series Number Plate

Refer to the table to get an idea of the pros and cons of having a BH number plate.

The Government of India has introduced the BH number plate to simplify the intricate process of vehicle registration. The BH series number plate comes with manifold benefits, from a simplified vehicle registration process and nationwide validity to cost savings. Re-registration of vehicles involves taxes, fees and documentation charges, which add significantly to the expenses. With the implementation of this facility, the expenses are eliminated and increase convenience.


How can I register my old car with the BH number?

You have to fill out Form No. 27(A) (this form is the designated form meant for this purpose) to register your old car with a BH number and submit the form to the nearest RTO. After successful submission and verification, you will be able to register the regional registration plate to a BH series number plate.

Can the BH series registered vehicle be driven in restricted areas?

No, the BH series number plate does not give you permission to drive the vehicle in restricted zones or areas.

Is it possible to transfer the BH-registered vehicles to BH-series non-eligible buyers?

You can transfer the BH-registered vehicles to BH-series non-eligible buyers. If the new owner is not eligible for the BH series number plate, he or she will get the regular registration number plate. On the other hand, new owners who are eligible for the BH series number plate will get a new number plate.

Can I know the year of vehicle registration from the BH Number Plate Format?

Yes, you can know the year of vehicle registration from the BH Number Plate Format. The BH Number Plate Format mentions the year of registration, a 4-digit registration number and XX, which shows the category of the vehicle.

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