How to do Paytm Fastag Recharge?

The FASTag facility is a cashless model wherein the toll tax amount is collected at the toll plazas across the country. The NHAI collects them automatically through the FASTag without having to stop the vehicle at the toll booth with the use of RFID technology. FASTag helps in the automatic detection of the four-wheelers when they approach the toll plaza/booth. So know how to do Paytm Fastag Recharge in easy steps.

The FASTag is linked to the user’s prepaid account, which is a Paytm wallet, and is then fixed to the windscreen of his/her vehicle. As the user passes through the toll gate, FASATag heps in an automatic deduction of the toll tax. It debits from the user’s Paytm wallet linked to the FASTag and the user will also be informed of the charges. There is also a provision of an automated grievance redressal mechanism on the Paytm app itself.

Paytm makes it easier for travelers to use the FASTag facility as it eliminates the need to recharge the FASTag. So, a user does not need to recharge his/her FASTag if it is linked to the Paytm wallet. To recharge the FASTag, the user simply needs to add money to his/her Paytm wallet. Therefore, as s/he passes through a FASTag-enabled toll gate, the toll amount will directly be deducted from the wallet. This makes interstate traveling further easier.

Even if you don’t use the Paytm FASTag, you can recharge any other FASTag service on the Paytm application. Explained below are the steps to recharge your FASTag if it has been issued by any other bank.

How to do FASTag Recharge on Paytm – Steps To Follow

You need to log in to your Paytm account and follow the below steps to recharge your FASTag Recharge done:

  • Go to the ‘Recharge & Pay Bills/Payments’ section on your Paytm application’s homepage



  • Under the subheading of ‘Featured Services’, you will find the option, ‘FASTag Recharge’ service


  • Once you click on ‘FASTag Recharge’, Paytm asks you to select ‘FASTag Issuer Bank’ from a list of banks as the picture below illustrates


  • After selecting the ‘Issuer Bank’ (bank from which you purchased the FASTag), you will have to enter the vehicle number


  • Once you enter the vehicle number, you can enter the amount you wish to, for FASTag recharge and then ‘Proceed’


  • You will get several deals that you can avail of, for example, cashback offers, deals on fashion, travel, entertainment, etc.


  • Select the offer of your choice from ‘Special Deals for You’ and proceed with the payment. However, you may skip or apply any promo code
  • Now click on ‘Select an option to pay’. Then, choose from Paytm Wallet Balance, UPI, Net Banking, or Debit/Credit Cards and make the payment


In a few simple steps, you can recharge your FASTag Recharge. Also, you will receive a notification of the successful payment. You can now travel freely, without worries of stopping by at every toll booth. Moreover, you need to worry about cash and search for it during traveling to pay the toll tax.

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