Enabling Diversity & Inclusion – a Key Priority for Success

byjitendra7.singhLast Updated: March 1, 2023
Enabling Diversity & Inclusion — a Key Priority for Success

We believe diversity in the workplace is essential to create a thriving business. Every Paytmer brings their own unique backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to the table, and are the key drivers of our growth. With no biases in our hiring process, we have implemented new initiatives to reach qualified, diverse employees to improve the quality of candidates at the time of hiring.

Building a diverse environment

For us, talent development is one of the most critical HR management processes. Our HR team conducts regular review meetings with leaders and heads of departments, where the current talent landscape on diversity ratio, succession plan and future talent needs are evaluated every month. This also evaluates the function-wise monthly headcount growth, gender ratio, new joiners and other details.

We have always encouraged women in leadership roles by giving them equal opportunities, valuing them. We are committed to offer equal benefits that pave the way for an individual’s professional growth.

Our success lies in the success of our employees and we hope to facilitate them with best-in-class benefits that prioritise their health, wellness and financial well-being.

Enabling policies that empower employees

Starting from giving immense freedom to choose to work from wherever to flexible working hours, comprehensive healthcare coverage, wealth creation opportunities, every Paytmer is entitled to these benefits as soon as they onboard with us. To approach diversity at the workplace, we offer creche facilities, paid maternity and paternity leave, implement a strong POSH policy, while also offering a special helpline counseling.

We have been inviting counselors, conducting yoga sessions for the mental and physical well-being of Paytmers. We have launched campaigns and webinars to promote financial equality and wellness for all Paytmers. We have been encouraging them to become financially aware and independent, and take active steps towards managing their money. We run several initiatives around financial guidance through finance coaching, regular webinars, timely IPO alerts, free Demat accounts and more.

Special webinars have also been conducted for female Paytmers on how to make independent financial decisions for themselves and get started on investments, if they haven’t already. We want all our employees to be financially equal, irrespective of gender or orientation. Watch our social experiment The Divide on gender and finance here.

We believe in an entrepreneurial work culture, where all Paytmers get to make their own decisions and contribute to our growth.

To know more, visit our career page here and explore job opportunities here. We are hiring.

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