Aadhaar Card Enrolment Form: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Fill it 

byDilip PrasadLast Updated: February 5, 2024
Aadhaar Card Enrolment Form

In today’s digital age, the Aadhaar card has become a fundamental identification document for Indian citizens. Issued by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), this 12-digit unique identification number holds immense significance in various aspects of our lives, from accessing government schemes and subsidies to opening bank accounts and conducting financial transactions.

This blog aims to demystify the process and provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to fill the Aadhaar Card Enrolment Form accurately. Whether you are applying for a new Aadhaar card or updating your existing details, this step-by-step tutorial will equip you with the required details to navigate through the form effectively.

Fill Aadhaar Card Enrolment Form

  1. Obtain the Aadhaar Enrolment Form 

To begin the process, you have two options. You can download the Aadhaar enrolment form from the official website of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) or you can visit the nearest Aadhaar center and request the concerned officials to give you the form. The Aadhaar Enrolment Form consists of two pages- the first page containing nine fields asking your details, and the second one providing instructions on how to fill out the form correctly.

  1. Fill in the Required Details 

Ensure that you fill in the form accurately and legibly. Pay close attention to the instructions provided in the form to avoid making mistakes. Ensure that you provide all the necessary information, including your personal details such as name, address, and date of birth, as required in the specified fields.

  1. Attach Supporting Documents 

To verify your identity, address, and date of birth, it is essential to attach the relevant supporting documents. These documents should be valid and acceptable by UIDAI. If you are using an introducer or Head of Family (HoF), make sure to include a proof of your relationship with the respective member.

  1. Visit the Nearest Aadhaar Center 

Once you have completed the form and gathered the necessary supporting documents, visit the nearest Aadhaar center. Submit the filled-out form along with the supporting documents to the concerned staff at the center. They will assist you with the further steps of the enrolment process.

  1. Biometric Data Capture 

At the Aadhaar center, the staff will capture your photograph and collect your biometric data, including iris and fingerprint scans. This information will be securely stored in the Aadhaar database, and will be linked to the details that you have provided in the enrolment form. It is crucial to ensure that the biometric data is captured accurately to avoid any complications in the future.

  1. Obtain the Acknowledgement Slip 

Upon completing the enrolment process, you will be provided with an acknowledgement slip. This slip contains important details such as your enrolment ID, along with the date and time of enrolment. Keep this slip safely, as it will be used for tracking the status of your Aadhaar card.

  1. Track the Aadhaar Card Status

Using the enrolment ID mentioned on the acknowledgement slip, you can easily track the status of your Aadhaar card. Visit the official UIDAI website and navigate to the designated section for tracking your Aadhaar card status. Enter your enrolment ID, and you will receive real-time updates on the progress of your application.

Points to Consider While Filling Your Aadhaar Enrolment Form

Approaches for Aadhaar Enrolment

  1. Enrolment Based on Documents

In this approach, individuals can fill up the Aadhaar card form by providing the required documents as proof of identity and address. These documents include government-issued identification cards like passport, PAN card, voter ID card, or driver’s license. Additionally, the proof of address can be provided through utility bills, bank statements, or a ration card. By submitting these documents, applicants establish their identity and address for the enrolment process.

  1. Enrolment Based on Relationship Proof

Under this approach, the head of a family can introduce their family members for Aadhaar enrolment using relationship proof. Supporting documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, or family ration cards can be submitted to establish the relationship between the head of the family and the family members. This simplifies the enrolment process for family members by utilizing the relationship proof provided by the head of the family.

  1. Enrolment with Introducer’s Assistance

If an applicant lacks the necessary Proof of Identity (PoI) or Proof of Address (PoA) documents, they can avail the introducer’s assistance. An introducer is an individual appointed by the Registrar, possessing a valid Aadhaar number. By utilizing an introducer’s service, applicants can proceed with the enrolment process. The introducer vouches for the applicant’s identity and address, facilitating their enrolment despite the absence of adequate documents.

Conclusion: Filling out the Aadhaar Card Enrolment Form accurately is essential for acquiring or updating your Aadhaar card. By following the provided guidelines, including using block letters, verifying information consistency, and providing valid contact details, you can streamline the process and minimize errors. Remember the importance of timely corrections and the available approaches for enrolment. With attention to detail, you can successfully obtain or update your Aadhaar card, unlocking the benefits it offers.


What should be the format for writing in the Aadhaar enrolment form?

Use block letters (capital letters) while filling out the Aadhaar enrolment form for clarity and legibility.

How should I write my birth date in the form?

Maintain the DDMMYYYY format (Day-Month-Year) when entering your birth date in the Aadhaar enrolment form.

Is it important to ensure consistency with supporting documents?

Yes, it is crucial to provide accurate and consistent information in the enrolment form that matches the details mentioned in your supporting documents. Even minor discrepancies can lead to rejection of your application.

Do I need to include salutations before my name in the form?

No, there is no need to include salutations (such as Mr., Mrs., or Dr.) before your name in the Aadhaar enrolment form. Simply write your name as it appears on your supporting documents.

Where will my Aadhaar card be delivered based on the address provided in the enrolment form?

The address you mention in the Aadhaar enrolment form will be used as the delivery address for your Aadhaar card.

Is it necessary to provide a valid mobile number and email address in the form?

Yes, it is important to provide a valid and active mobile number and email address. These contact details will be linked to your Aadhaar card and can be used for future communication or updates.

Can I request corrections or updates to my Aadhaar details after enrolment?

Yes, you can request corrections or updates to your Aadhaar details within 96 hours of enrolment. This service is available free of cost during this period.

Can I use the Aadhaar enrolment form for updating my existing Aadhaar card?

Yes, the Aadhaar enrolment form can be used for both new enrolments and updating existing Aadhaar cards. Simply download the form, fill it out, and follow the instructions for updating the required details.

Do I need to submit original documents for verification at the enrolment center?

Yes, it is necessary to carry all the original supporting documents required for verification when visiting the enrolment center. The authorized personnel will scan these documents and return them to you.

Can I submit attested copies of documents if I don’t have the originals?

Yes, if you don’t have certain original documents, you can submit attested copies as an alternative at the enrolment center.

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