Rewarding our Field Sales Executives — Our Paytm Warriors on the Ground

byPreeti VermaLast Updated: May 17, 2023

Appreciating and encouraging our talented employees is something that we have been practicing since day one. And Paytm’s Field Sales Executives (FSEs) are our on-ground heroes, who play a crucial role in contributing to our company’s growth and scale. 

As part of Paytm’s Accolades programme, we have designed several kinds of rewards and recognition programs to acknowledge top performance and high achievers. We have recently curated a new Reward and Engagement program  – World of Winners (WOW) – exclusively for our FSEs in the QR, Soundbox, and Retail EDC teams pan India, which is aimed at rewarding long tenure and loyalty in the organisation. 

Accelerating FSEs’ Professional & Personal Goals

This invincible army of FSEs makes the adoption of our products seamless and effective and plays a significant role in making Paytm a household name. Our privilege program will accelerate FSEs’ professional and personal goals by increasing their work-life satisfaction and cementing a long and strong relationship with us.

Our objective is to build a strong connection with every FSE from the day they join us, enhance their productivity by rewarding performance, increase their tenure and longevity, and boost their participation in day-to-day activities. These FSEs are also connected to their Regional HRs and are engaged in theme-based quarterly team bonding events. The program also involves FSE daily huddles to discuss interventions and conduct quick engagement activities. This is to keep a pulse check on any issues our FSEs might face.

WOW Reward Points

With the launch of the new program, FSEs will be entitled to unique WOW Reward Points, where they can earn points for KPIs around Soundboxes/EDC Devices and can redeem them with exciting rewards in the long run. 

Starting from 1st March 2023, all FSEs are eligible to collect and redeem WOW Points during their employment period. TDS or Tax Deduction at Source on the rewards selected will be borne by us. WOW Points will be displayed along with the Fairday points on the PSA app. We are working towards building a new Paytm Service Agent (PSA) app exclusively for WOW, which will be launched shortly. 

They can redeem the WOW Points with international and domestic travel, home appliances, scooters, bikes, gift cards, IGNOU Graduation Vouchers, among others. The selected product will be delivered within 45 days from the date of redemption. 

Apart from running several programmes around training, team bonding and accolades, and career progression and growth opportunities for FSEs, we also appreciate them through dedicated family and fun days, and pulse check programmes. We recently organised the WOW Cricket Championship for FSEs in the Payments team in Bengaluru.

We are recognizing the winners through our monthly newsletter, shared with the entire Paytm community with pictures and citations of the winners. In this, we send goodies, cakes and flowers to the homes of our star performers to make the celebrations a family affair!

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