MNP- A Complete Guide to Mobile Number Portability

byPriyanka JuyalLast Updated: August 17, 2022
What is MNP?
What is MNP?

This blog will explain everything there is to know about MNP, or Mobile Number Portability, and its growing popularity.

What is MNP or Mobile Number Portability?

MNP, or Mobile Number Portability, allows users to switch telecom operators without changing their existing phone numbers. It is important to note that a network switch from one operator to another operator has no effect on network reliability. It rather provides a user with improved network coverage, cost-effective tariff packages, appealing promotional packages, and other benefits.

Benefits of MNP

The introduction of MNP served as a motivator for various telecom operators to provide the best telecom services to their customers. Users, on the other hand, chose MNP for the following reasons:

  • New subscribers are offered enticing telecom services
  • Users can change operators at no cost
  • There is no need to change the mobile number when you change the operator
  • Subscribers will receive a new SIM card in the required size
  • The subscriber has complete freedom to switch from prepaid to postpaid service and vice versa
  • Existing service providers may try to provide better services and deals

Mobile Number Portability: A Step-by-Step Procedure

Follow these steps if you want to switch from your current telecom operator to a new one:

Step 1– Send an SMS to 1900 in the following format – PORT <9811981100> to 1900. Do not include any prefixes such as +91 or 0 and send the SMS from the same mobile number from which you wish to switch

Step 2– After successfully sending the SMS, you will receive an 8-digit UPC (Unique Porting Number) from your current mobile operator. UPC expires within 4 days, except in the areas of Jammu & Kashmir, North East, and Assam where it remains valid for 30 days. As a result, the application must be submitted to the new operator within four days.

Step 3– Now, connect your new service provider or pay a visit to their office/store. At this point, you must provide the 8-digit UPC number that you received along with the supporting documents

Step 4– At this point, the new operator will send an application to the old operator to see if there are any outstanding dues or issues with your number. Once the verification process is completed, the old operator will inform the new operator of the rejection/approval status of the MNP application

Step 5– Within 7 days, the new operator will notify you of the status of your MNP application

Step 6– Approval of the MNP application will make the new operator provide you with the time and date for MNP via SMS

Step 7– Following the completion of MNP formalities, you will receive a confirmation message from the new operator allowing you to begin using its services

Documents Required for Mobile Number Portability

You must submit the following documents to the new operator for number portability:

  • Address proof copy
  • Customer Agreement Form with UPC details
  • ID proof
  • Last paid bill copy of the current service provider (for postpaid subscribers)

Reasons for the Rejection of MNP Application

An MNP application can be rejected under the following circumstances-

  • If the subscriber has yet to pay a mobile bill
  • If the subscriber has not used 90 days of service from the previous operator
  • If the mobile number is under the court’s jurisdiction
  • If the subscriber’s area, region, or city is not served by the telecom operator
  • If the UPC does not match
  • If the mobile number is under contractual obligation

Things to Remember about Mobile Number Portability

Now that you are aware of some of the possible reasons for a rejected MNP application, it is critical to be aware of the following fundamentals before submitting the MNP application:

  • Only mobile phone numbers can be ported
  • One can port the mobile number only within the existing telephone circle
  • Subscribers can port from prepaid to postpaid or postpaid to prepaid only after completing the bill payment
  • You can cancel an MNP application by texting ‘CANCEL’ to 1900, but only before the UPC is submitted
  • You must use the old operator’s service for at least 90 days before submitting a new MNP application
  • In case of any doubts, it is good to connect with existing and new operators
  • Submit the UPC before it expires
Can I get my UPC code again after losing it?
Yes, you can get your UPC code again by sending a ‘PORT’ SMS to 1900.
How long does it take to complete Mobile Number Portability?
Officially, it takes around 4 working days for the completion of Mobile Number Portability.
How to withdraw a number porting application?
Cancel the MNP application by sending an SMS in the following format- ‘CANCEL’ ’10-digit mobile number’ to 1900.
For how many days the UPC remains valid?
The UPC remains valid for 4 days except for the areas like North East, Assam, Jammu & Kashmir where it remains valid for 30 days.

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