Fostering a Supportive and Productive Work Environment by Promoting Wellness

byPreeti VermaLast Updated: June 17, 2024

In today’s fast-paced world, the importance of a stress-free life is often underestimated. Hypertension, commonly known as high blood pressure, influences our lives significantly, extending beyond mere stress. It impacts everything from making critical decisions to generating creative ideas, underscoring its pivotal role in cognitive function. At Paytm, we understand that a balanced work-life environment is essential for productivity. Therefore, we emphasise the importance of managing hypertension and overall well-being.

In our continuous effort to prioritise the health of Paytmers, we recently organised a webinar session on ‘Hypertension: Knowledge is Prevention’ under the Paytm Swasthya initiative in recognition of World Hypertension Day. We had the honour of hosting Dr. Niranjan Hiremath, a renowned Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon from Apollo Hospital, Noida. Dr. Hiremath provided valuable insights into the common causes, risk factors, and lifestyle changes necessary for managing hypertension effectively.

The webinar highlighted hypertension’s common causes and risk factors including genetics, obesity, lack of physical activity, an unhealthy diet, excessive alcohol consumption, and stress. Dr. Hiremath emphasised that lifestyle changes are crucial in managing hypertension. Adopting a healthy diet, increasing physical activity, losing weight, reducing salt intake, limiting alcohol consumption, and quitting smoking are all effective strategies. 

Techniques like deep breathing, meditation, yoga, and other relaxation methods can significantly help in managing stress.  He also advised following up on tests or screenings recommended by healthcare providers. Maintaining adequate hydration is also essential, as dehydration can adversely affect blood pressure.

Our goal is to connect with every Paytmer through these health-focused webinars, ensuring they have access to crucial information and resources for better health management. By prioritising the well-being of Paytmers, we strive to foster a supportive and productive work environment. Stay tuned for more health-oriented sessions under the Paytm Swasthya initiative!

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