Building Healthy Habits with Our Well-being Programmes

byPriya KumariMay 10, 2024

At Paytm, we prioritise the well-being of our employees, recognising that a healthy body and mind are essential for personal and professional success. Prioritising the health of Paytmers, we organised a webinar under Paytm Swasthya on ‘Say No to Tobacco’ to create awareness on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, which is observed on May 31. 

We invited Dr. Mayank Saxena, Additional Director in the Department of Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine at Fortis Hospitals, Noida, to highlight the consequences of smoking, and how to combat the same. 

We ensure to connect with every Paytmer through these webinars. In the recent session, Dr. Saxena delved into the profound consequences of smoking, highlighting the myriad health hazards linked to tobacco use. He mentioned how smoking can drastically reduce one’s lifespan by causing a range of health issues, from lung cancer and bad breath to smelly clothes. 

The webinar debunked several pervasive myths surrounding smoking, such as the misconception that smoking fewer cigarettes a day isn’t detrimental. The session empowered Paytmers with actionable steps to kick the habit, guiding them through various stages of quitting. It was a motivational session with invaluable advice on staying smoke-free for good, including the importance of staying hydrated, steering clear of smoking companions, and discovering enjoyable hobbies to occupy our time.

Our mission is to foster a workplace that promotes both a healthy body and a positive mindset. We run Paytm Swasthya under which we organise webinars on health issues, marathons, yoga sessions, etc., for the mental and physical well-being of Paytmers. By inviting a dignified person for the session, we ensure that correct and authentic knowledge is being imparted to Paytmers about the concerned health issues. 

We believe staying healthy is not an option but necessary to lead a happy life. So, stay healthy, stay happy!

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